This is for GySgt Sullivan’s mom and all those who have lost their military sons and daughters:

Thank you.

Thank you for sacrificing your children for our freedom and the safety of our country.

You are the people I can’t stop thinking about when the faces are shown on the news… when a foreign or domestic attack occurs… when July 4 or Memorial Day or Veterans Day roll around.

I think about how you must feel as you sit in front of your baby’s casket. As a serviceman hands you a perfectly folded American flag. What you’re wishing as Taps are played from a distance.

Today, as I sit and watch my two-year old guy running around without a care in the world – thanks, in part, to the service your once two-year-olds provided for us, I can’t thank you for your sacrifice.

On behalf of a grateful nation and grateful mothers everywhere, thank you.

Image Credit: NYCMarines

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