I’ve been documenting the cute mispronunciations my daughter has used as a toddler, and I’d be remiss not to include the verbal gold of her preschool years. We’ve lost a few of my favorites as her vocabulary expands, but the new words she has learned have also paved the way for some of my favorite mispronunciations to date:

About = without

Instruction workers = construction workers

Molds = cookie cutters

Newseum = museum

Ferris wheel = cartwheel

Imbatashins = invitations

Micks = mix

Wicks = whisk

I can’t know how to do it = I don’t know how to do it

Conversations with my daughter can sometimes be infuriating (can the questions just stop, already??) but mostly they’re my favorite part of the day, especially when she injects this cuteness into them. I don’t ever want to forget how great it feels as a mother to hear her learn and grow every day.

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