For the past 6-7 weeks I’ve been living with my friend (and fellow writer) Kriste as I wait to close on my new place. It’s been an interesting experience since both our kids are only children. I figured they’d probably get tired of each other pretty fast but to my surprise my girl has never, not once, gotten tired of being around her new “sister.”

I say sister because that’s what Lills (my daughter) calls Zoey. She walks around telling everyone about her sister, to the point that her daycare teacher asked me what was going on! It’s so, so cute (at least I think so, Zoey not so much, although I think it grew on her even if she won’t admit it!).


Lills follows Zoey around everywhere. Lills wants to do whatever Zoey is doing. While I’m pretty sure Zoey did get tired of Lills pretty quickly (Zoey is 7 and Lills is 4 so there’s a fairly big age difference), I loved seeing how my girl just thrived on having a big sister around.

I caught a few special moments on camera that make my heart fill with joy. Images of Lills looking up at Zoey with such love and admiration.




While it’s highly unlikely Lillian will actually get a new sister, it’s been really fun watching her through this experience. I’m so grateful to Kriste and her family for letting us live with them and for the deeper friendship these two silly girls were able to form.

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