I have all these things floating around in my head that don’t really tell a story on their own but I need to get them out.  A stream of consciousness if you will.  Enjoy.

I had children for my own amusement. They don’t find it as amusing as I do.



I lost my fitbit last week.  I now have no ambition to walk anywhere.  Abby’s already thanking me – she just couldn’t keep up.



I bought my boy new sneakers this weekend.  They are a full two sizes bigger than the ones they’re replacing. Guess I should’ve bought them six months ago. (And yes he’s standing my patio table. He likes to play with the patio umbrella.  This may or may not be the reason we have two broken patio umbrellas next to our shed.*)



We went to West Hartford Center for lunch that same day.  My kids were terrors.  Odd since I normally pride myself on how good they are in restaurants.  (Plot twist: I never bring them to restaurants.)  The waitress thanked the family next to us for having such well behaved kids.  Nice. In a former life (when we had no children, lived in West Hartford and I had nice things) this would’ve bothered me.  Now I just laugh an evil little laugh.



*Spoiler: It isn’t.  It’s my husband and I that keep breaking them from various methods of patio umbrella neglect.  Between the umbrellas and the fitbits, I’m starting to think I’m the reason I can no longer have nice things.

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