I’ve been wearing my mom badge for the past three years, four if you count being pregnant. During these past few years, I have learned a great deal about who I am and how I need to trust more.

Below are some ways in which I’ve accomplished that as a mom:

– I’ve become more patient, realizing that getting frustrated and upset doesn’t solve parenting problems.

– I’m connecting more with my daughter. There is a difference between communicating and connecting. I’ve always communicated with her, but to really understand where she is coming from and how she feels about situations, connecting is very important.

– I’ve learned to not worry about what other people may think about parenting decisions. I am her parent, and my husband and I know her best.

– I’ve realized that the answers to my questions do not always come from other moms, but rather my gut. I need to continuously work on trusting myself by reflecting in.

– I’ve learned that marriage is harder work as a parent, and as such, spending quality time with my husband, communicating with him without kids around, only helps our marriage grow.

– I’ve learned that no “difficult” kids phase lasts forever and it’s important to grow from these phases a better, more patient mother.

I know I have a long ways to go, but I think this whole “mom” thing is getting easier as the months go on (did I really just say that). It’s not from my daughter getting older, rather I think it’s from me learning more about what works and doesn’t as a mother.  How have you grown and trusted yourself since becoming a mother?

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