It is Saturday morning and I am sitting outside, watching the sunrise. The seagulls fly above me. I see a mist forming out in the horizon, where rolling hills meet the water. Still waters beckon. It shimmers under the glint of the rising sun. A slight breeze kisses the leaves and hits my face ever so lightly. I spy a kayaker out for an early ride. A guy is out walking his dog by the boat slip. A man is busy cleaning the picnic and beach area – to me it looks like he’s raking a zen sand garden. I look out to where the boats are docked and dream about owning one.

Ahh… this is what it feels like to live by the lake.

This is one of our last hurrahs for the summer. Just a few days before, all the signs of the chaos of the upcoming school year arrived at our doorstep… school and bus announcements, a letter from my son’s teacher, hockey practice schedule. There are things to buy, clean, look for, finish up. I think to myself…. time to go back to a regular sleep schedule, plan out snacks and lunches, look at his clothes and donate stuff that doesn’t fit and get new ones….. and the mental list goes on and on.

But today, I sit. I relax. I take in the view. I marvel at nature. I breathe in the cool lake air. I just…. stare. At my son sitting on my husband’s lap reading the sports section of the paper. I listen to their intent conversation about singles, doubles, triples and home runs. I take a mental picture.

I savor this moment of serenity.

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