In just a few short weeks our little three-year old will be entering her first year of preschool. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by, it seems just like yesterday she was a little baby crawling on the floor.

The rush of emotions is unreal. I am happy, yet sad and worried as to how she will transition from daycare to this new school. I know all will work itself out and she will quickly adjust (always did), but it still scares me. Maybe it’s the change of scenery and routine for me – not sure, but I know I will have a lot of tears in the weeks to come.

Sometimes I look at her and see a little one year old and other times I see this sweet, little girl who can light up a room.

As we gear up for preschool, I prepare her and myself for this new change. We talk about what we will have to do in the mornings and how she will be making new friends. She knows she will be leaving her current daycare and going to a new school, but of course, she’s three – she doesn’t know how the change will be until she experiences it.

Each week we go out to breakfast and drive by her new school. I believe it’s very important for children to get “pre-exposed” to new surroundings before being thrown into one.  I am sure to some extent it helps with stress and worry on them. I can recall when I was a child and my mom driving by the school a few times before I attended, it defiantly helped me to process the change.

So, any moms out there with some pre-school jitters? How are you processing the change as well as encouraging your child to feel excited and eager to start a new chapter in their lives?

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