Am I the only one that thinks kids went back to school too soon? Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?

And did you notice the onslaught of fall and Halloween merchandise at the stores? It’s not even the end of summer!

Is it normal that I see glimmers of Christmas in unexpected places (like décor shops)?

Stop making time go faster!

Whatever happened to ‘stop and smell the roses’? I think this life is going way too fast. Kids are growing up way too fast.

I want to savor every minute of my son’s childhood.

I want to remember the smell of his hair when he kisses me in the morning.

I want to bottle his smiles, record all his jokes, savor every minute of his conversations.

That’s it. I am going to slow time down.

I am going to pause and take a minute.

I will not be glued to my cellphone, except if it is taking pictures of our moments as a family.

I will just…. spend time wisely.

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