At the end of a local NPR radio show, the guests go around the table announcing their current endorsements. They can relate to anything, from arts and culture to coffee drinks.

For what it’s worth, here are some things that have been spinning my universe ’round.

Wedges I totally rocked heels in my 20s. I wore pumps on the bus to work, to happy hour drinks, and to functions in between. I still have a few pair in my closet, gathering dust. They just aren’t practical anymore. (Oh no, ‘practical’? Have I fully transitioned into suburban motherhood??) When I have to dress up, I’m for wedges. I rock royal blue, faux snakeskin wedges 80% of the time. I just bought neutral snakeskin wedges. Call me a creature of habit. They’re sexy and comfy. Recently, Dave was at arm’s length while I shopped on Zappos. I was looking for cute clogs (Is that an oxymoron?) Every time I looked at a shoe he didn’t approve of, he’d declare, “Next!”. I can’t lie, I still want to be somewhat sexy, and appreciate his input.

Shows That Lambast Adulthood I’m into a few t.v. shows, including Difficult People on Hulu, and Married on Fox, (via Apple T.V.). They’re well written, short, funny, and explore the shitty aspects of being a) professionally floundering adult friends in NYC or b) a married couple of three girls, experiencing the highs and low of middle income living in L.A. They may be a little depressing or too close to home, but they hit the funny bone, and I dig ‘em at the end of a long day.

It's not really this bad, right??

It’s not really this bad, right??

Spotify A fair amount of my college days were spent mining Napster for The Cure and Nelly songs. Spotify is Napster done right. Search virtually any artist (save for Spoon and Taylor Swift, per recent searches) and listen to albums of your youth the whole way through, find your friends’ playlists, or search Top 40 for some pop-dance music ear candy. Download it all to your phone and rock out accordingly. Anticipate hours of entertainment at your fingertips. Tip: cough up the $12 per month for the amped up service. The free version doesn’t hold a candle.

Honey Sesame Cashews Find these in your Trader Joe’s aisle. Actually, TJ’s has a wealth of great dried fruit and nut snacks. I bank on the dehydrated and dried fruit options for my kids’ lunches, less-disastrous car treats, and bribery loot. I personally pop the Honey Sesame Cashews and Chili-Spiced Dried Mango like an addict in the TJs parking lot. They’re somewhat healthy, right?

Becker’s Jewelers As a working mom with sizable childcare bills, my jewelry budget is somewhere between non-existent and laughable. Once in a while I drop into the local jeweler to clean my wedding ring. Even though they probably smell the lack of bills in my wallet, they’re incredibly gracious and have even cleaned my ring for free while I browse the Estate Jewelry section. They give me take-home ring cleaner on the house. I’m sure their business strategy is to be nice while I’m broke so that I come back when I’m rich. It’s totally working.

Bra Fitters I had a rare opportunity to get fitted for a bra at Nordstrom. If you haven’t done this, please march to the nearest Nordstrom. I had a great experience years ago and basically wore one regular bra and one strapless ever since. I barely washed either, and it was time to up the ante. You go into the dressing room, they measure you, blow your mind with your ACTUAL size, and bring back potential bras to suit you. You never leave the dressing room! The salespeople know their stock. It saves you so much sanity and time. Yes you’ll pay a premium for department store prices but, hello, wear them for two years and it pays for itself quickly. Plus, what’s our time worth? A lot, I venture to guess.

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