Beware the barrenness of a busy life. – Socrates

I’ve been hiding behind the excuse of being too busy for too long.

Too busy to text. Too busy to call. Too busy to get together. Too busy to work out. To busy to sit. Too busy to sleep.


We all have packed lives. So now I want to tell myself: get over it. Your days may be packed, but are they full?

I don’t want school to just be a phase in my life that I have to “get through” before I can resume life as usual. School is important, sure; it’s helping me reach my goals. But I don’t want the other important people and things in my life to hear that school is more important than them. And by overusing the words “too busy,” that’s exactly what I fear is my message.

School will be a part of my life for awhile. But then what? What’s my next excuse? What else will keep me too busy? I’m going to choose not to live like that. I want to enjoy this time, too. I want to spend time with the people I love. I want to do the things I enjoy. I want to be as present in these days as I hope to was imagining I’d be when I’m done with it all.

But I know the busy-ness never really ends. One “busy” just gets replaced with another. And I don’t want to get to the end of it all and wonder why I didn’t make time for myself, for others, and for the important things. For the fun things. I want to recommit to myself, to others, and to life.

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