I am home Friday-Sunday with my daughter. We are usually awake by 6am and on Fridays it is just the two of us. I like to get out of the house with her on these days as we have typically watched a couple shows, torn through her toys, done some drawing and had breakfast by 7:30am. But so many places don’t open until 10am! I am talking to you Babies R Us and Carter’s! What the what?! They should be open from 6am-3pm, with special evening hours for adults only (with a wine bar in the back).

That period of time between 7am-10am is the longest of the day for me when home alone with my child. Sure, we can go get coffee and a bagel but that activity only lasts as long as my daughter is interested in eating something. A couple of weeks ago, I told her that I would take her to the library when it opened (at 10am). I made the mistake of telling her this at 6:30am so every 15 minutes thereafter she kept saying “Go library? Open!” We left the house around 8:30am mostly because we were both bored. After grabbing a coffee I drove over to the library, figuring my daughter could play outside for a while. Well I obviously forgot I was dealing with a toddler. When we got outside the library, instead of playing in the big open courtyard in front of it, she kept saying “go in library!” and when I said it was still closed she replied “go check!”. So basically we stood in front of the glass doors for ten minutes until I bribed her away by suggesting we go get a muffin at the Whole Foods down the street. None of the other stores around were an option to cruise through because (surprise!) they open at 10am. So yes, that would be two food/drink stops in 90 minutes, all in the name of killing time.

In the warmer months, these late openings don’t bother me as much because we can always hit up the park for an early morning play session. But now that it’s getting colder and the mornings are often frost covered, we need something to do. Luckily we are enrolled in a music class on Fridays that begins at 9:15am and gets us through until 10am. But last week class was cancelled and there we were, the only ones at the park at 9am on an especially blustery morning. We endured until our hands and noses got too cold and we rushed back across the street to our house.

I guess I am a bit nervous at facing a long winter with a very active toddler. I am ok with bundling her up and sending her out into the cold to play but I loathe being outside in the winter months. Once the snow and ice hits, we will definitely be house bound more often. I guess it is time to revisit those Pinterest boards of “kid activities” that are always fun to pin but never seem to happen. Crossing my fingers that winter is kind to us this year!

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