It’s almost here! Kids Give Back happens this Saturday and we hope to see you there!


We build community through coming together, sharing the joys and sorrows in our lives, and creating positive change. One of my sorrows is knowing that my time with my grandmothers is coming to an end. Maybe not this year, but it’s coming. And that’s hard to accept. We have always been close and I have been blessed to have these two strong, feisty women in my life. They have given me unconditional love, kicks in the butt when needed, and support my entire life, and they have given the same to my children. And that’s one of my joys, as well. My children have gotten to have two great-grandmothers long enough that they will remember them always. That’s a gift.

And in the nature of community, we are blessed to have found two assisted living facilities that provide my grandmothers with the health care and daily living support that they need while honoring their dignity and desire to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. It’s the best possible outcome for where we find ourselves now.

My grandmothers are in good company. Each facility has around 100 residents, a community in and of itself. We would love to connect our communities, from children to elders, this holiday season. We can bring a little love to someone who has lived a full life and is feeling alone at the holidays. I credit this idea to my girls, and they have already started working on this project. They would like to give a handcrafted holiday card to each and every resident of the two facilities where their great-grandmothers now live. We’re looking to collect 200 cards. If we collect more, we’ll share the love to even more local nursing homes. This is a great way for kids of all ages to join together in a community service project that allows them to send some love out into their community.

Colchester Library has graciously given us space to hold a community card-creating event on December 5, from 9:00am until noon. We will provide crafting materials and community; you bring your kiddos and their creativity.

You can RSVP to the event via our Facebook event page.

We are also accepting donations toward crafting materials if you can’t be there in person but want to help. Click here to donate via PayPal. You’re entire donation will be used towards this endeavor.

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