Any NCIS fan is familiar with Gibbs’ rules.  A quick Google search will produce various cheat sheets, for example:

  • Rule 9 – Never go anywhere without a knife
  • Rule 22 – Never ever bother Gibbs in interrogation
  • Rule 23 – Never mess with a Marine’s coffee… if you want to live
  • Rule 36 – If you feel like you are being played, you probably are
  • Rule 39 – There is no such thing as coincidence

… and so on.  In a recent episode Gibbs told Agent Bishop Rule 28, “When you need help, ask.”  My husband and I were watching it together.  As soon as Gibbs got the words out Hubby started elbowing me, asking “Did you hear that? Did you hear that?”  The topic had come up between us recently.  After handling what seemed like everything myself for over five years, I hit a breaking point.  I couldn’t do daycare drop off and pick up anymore.  I couldn’t be the only one who did dishes anymore.  I needed a couple hours a week where I could have some alone time.  My poor hubby was kind of bombarded with new demands all at once because I had held everything in for a long time.  I thought sucking it up and doing everything myself was better than starting a fight.  In hindsight, that wasn’t the best decision.  But you know what they say, live and learn.

Rule 28 also got me thinking.  We should have some household rules to guide us.  Sure we have the usual “put your dirty clothes in the hamper” (although it’s rarely followed) and “brush your teeth before bedtime” but there should be more than that.  Rules that will make us a better family, a happier family.  So Hubby and I sat down together and came up with 1 -27.

  • Rule 28 – When you need help, ask
  • Rule 27 – Say “I love you” everyday
  • Rule 26 – When you’re thankful for something someone did, tell them
  • Rule 25 – There is no I in TEAM.  Parenting is a team sport
  • Rule 24 – Don’t go to bed angry or wishing you had said something
  • Rule 23 – Family comes first
  • Rule 22 – Sometimes you’re wrong (this is Gibbs’ Rule 51.  Hubby decided it was a good one LOL)
  • Rule 21 – Find joy in the little things, like a well timed fart
  • Rule 20 – If it belongs in the trash, put it there
  • Rule 19 – It is not ok to touch your brother’s penis (I created this one tonight while giving the two boys a bath)
  • Rule 18 – Mom and Dad each need time to unwind.
  • Rule 17 – Planning can reduce stress, but sometimes you have to go with the flow
  • Rule 16 – Parents and kids can each have bad days.  Be kind when you see someone having one
  • Rule 15 – Bringing home flowers is never a bad idea
  • Rule 14 – You can never give too many hugs
  • Rule 13 – We were a husband and wife before Dad and Mom.  Make time to remind each other of that
  • Rule 12 – Some days, chores can wait
  • Rule 11 – Really listen when your spouse is talking
  • Rule 10 – Breakfast for dinner is perfectly acceptable
  • Rule 9 – Remember you are not alone
  • Rule 8 – Learn to love Disney Jr. (Miles From Tomorrowland was on while we made this list)
  • Rule 7 – The kids didn’t come with manuals.  Do the best you can
  • Rule 6 – Sometimes, life is messy.  It will get better
  • Rule 5 – There will always be laundry
  • Rule 4 – If it sounds crazy, but it works, it’s not crazy
  • Rule 3 – Never give up on your partner
  • Rule 2 – Laugh with each other
  • Rule 1 – Never mess with Mom’s Starbucks
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