Transitions are hard, difficult, and tricky… now add a ‘just turned’ two year old and a 7 month old into the mix. Oh my, will our lives ever feel normal and back into a routine? I’ve never been one for a routine.  In the past I’ve gotten bored easily, felt trapped, and life would feel tedious. I now realize with two young boys how much we rely on the need of routine.

We moved into our first home over the past Martin Luther King holiday weekend.  All of us are still getting used to the house, new noises, new shadows, and now the toilet paper is in an awkward spot in the new bathroom. We also transitioned our oldest boy into a ‘big boy’ bed and our youngest into the ‘bigger’ crib and out of our bedroom.  Nights have not been the same. Mornings are all in an uproar trying to function to get out of the door on time. Yet, this past week was much better than the last. I can only see the mornings and evenings becoming easier, because our routine will improve even in the midst of the city of boxes. I have every confidence we will reach that summit of tranquility… ok ok semi-workable flowing mornings!

During this transition I must remind myself of my new life mom/wife lessons especially now as a working mom…

~Can’t sweat the small stuff!  It’s easy to let it build up inside, then get frustrated and tic… tic… tic… boooooom the explosion hits leaving an emotional debris in our path. By just taking a deep breath and asking/speaking to your partner or child in love makes the world of difference. Everyone may just be on that same edge as you.

~Ok there are dishes in the sink, lunches need to be made, and a half emptied box is ready to be unpacked, but those two beautiful hazel brown eyes are looking up at you asking to read a book. Immediately I stop what I’m doing, take that ‘book snuggle’ and enjoy our one on one time together! It must be done and I truly believe everything else can wait. This time when they are little is quickly fleeting away.

~Time to de-clutter! Telling myself… ‘Ok, Natalie you didn’t use or miss these items for 3 years during this transition.’ Time to get rid of that extra layer of stress not needed in your life. Let it gooooooo!

~Biggest tip ever… pack lunches the night before!

Regarding transitions… I do believe the little things that may have not worked in the past are slowly being able to be perfected, worked on and with every hope change for the better. We will get sleep again and the running in circles between each room will cease to be an obstacle course.

One box at a time!

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