Our older daughter is five, and I gotta admit, I dig this age. It hit me recently that things have gotten easier with her. I looked up from the fog of early parenthood and thought, Wow, this is kinda chill.

Five for five (artwork by Mobii at Society6.com)

I’m digging five (artwork by Mobii at Society6.com)

  1. She’s pumped about school. Granted, she’s always had positive school experiences, but her enthusiasm for everything from her gym teacher to buying lunch once a week to learning how to read is palpable. I know this won’t last forever, so I try to savor it, and feed her excitement.
  2. She sleeps. Gone are the days of 5:30am wake-ups. This girl can catch some Zzzzs. Some nights she comes into our bed, but I’m cool with it. I pinch myself on the mornings I need to wake her up to make the bus on time. Can this really be my kid?! Clear difference here from our toddler’s (mind-numbing) sleep patterns.
  3. We have interesting conversations. She has an inquisitive mind and a great memory. Instead of just asking “Why?” incessantly, some of our conversations are actually thought-provoking and enjoyable. She recently quizzed us on what makes a mammal, and I learned something. Win!
  4. She’s a mini-mom. Whenever our 2-year old is causing mayhem out of sight (ahem…often), Edie either tries to discipline her herself, or runs to get me. She’ll help pick out Emmeline’s clothes and snacks, washes her hair, and shows Emmeline how to make her bed. She recently mentioned that she can’t wait to be a helper at Emmeline’s birthday party, assisting the toddlers. I love her kindness to others, her assistance, and her allegiance to me.
  5. The artwork is starting to blow my mind. Beyond demonstrating some genuine talent, so much of her art is about loving her family, friends, and teacher, and she trades with her buddies at school. She’s learning to write, so can express herself that way too. While pulling out “love letters” from her backpack, I adore these daily Valentines they exchange.

Each season of parenthood brings new elements, some good, some bad. Some stages are more fleeting than others. I won’t say it all goes by too fast; some of it doesn’t seem to go by fast at all. But for today, age five is where it’s at! What about you – what’s your favorite kid’s age?

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