Winner: Shawn Lang, West Hartford, CT

(Pictured: Shawn and her son)

Note from us: We selected Shawn as our August Rockin’ Momma for many reasons. She is incredibly compassionate, has dedicated her life to helping her community and making the world a better place, is a loyal and loving friend, is a terrific example of how to be a good person for her child and is an amazingly wonderful momma.

Special note from her pal Chris Kelly:

“The first time I met Shawn’s son, he was working as an unregistered lobbyist, a toddler crawling on the Legislative Office Building floor, wowing legislators and colleagues. Shawn’s passion for those who need a voice and her skill as an advocate for those living in poverty, living with HIV, victims of domestic violence and inequality have made Shawn an influential person on the national level. More importantly, the values that Shawn lives by are imbibed by Corbett everyday, making him one of the most impressive 14 year-olds around.”

Second special note from her pal Laura Maloney-Hastillo:

“Shawn is extremely thoughtful in her parenting. She’s includes Corbett (her son) in life decisions explaining things to him in a way that he can understand. She is very mindful to teach values such as compassion, equality and, most importantly, love. She speaks directly to him about the good and bad in life, about life’s struggles and triumphs. While guiding Corbett through life she helps him to grow into the person he is meant to be.”

Congrats, Shawn! You ARE one rockin’ momma!