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Tethered to the House

About eight weeks ago, I was in one of “those moods.” You know the feeling – wondering if anyone would clean the toilets if I didn’t, or if my middle schooler would ever shower if my husband were in charge. Would anyone come looking for clean underpants if I wasn’t here? Can I just get off this freaking treadmill for a minute? I describe this as feeling “tethered to the house,” and my husband knows that when I use these words, he should sit down and listen, which he did. But this time it was different. This time, I...

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Birth Order is Real

I have two sets of children. The first set, a girl and a boy, were carefully planned, exactly 2 years apart. The second set, not so much. We wanted a third child, but gave up after years of heartbreak. Months later, it somehow happened, and then it split in half. This brought identical twins to me at age 41, my total number of children to four, and my brain to oatmeal.  I now have four amazing children spanning two generations. This age gap creates all sorts of fun, but it’s also required me to become very creative in my...

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Climbing the Bedtime Mountain

Every night, day after day, on school days, holidays, sick days, and every day in between, we put our kids to bed. No matter what kind of day we’ve had, how tired we are, or how depleted we feel, there’s no avoiding the bedtime routine. So, whether we’re sneezing, coughing, or fevering, whether we’re worried, depressed, or irritable, we dig deep into our mommy souls, and find a way to climb that mountain. I call it a mountain because, let’s face it, bedtime is one of our toughest mom jobs. It always happens at the end of the day...

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I Reentered the Workforce. But Why am I Still at Home?

After 14 years of being a stay at home mom, I’ve finally re-entered the work force…sort of. I now run a successful website, right from the comfort of my own, mind-numbingly cluttered home. So, although I’ve certainly returned to work, I haven’t “re-entered” anywhere. I’ve become a new kind of stay at home mom – the kind that stays home AND works. As a full-time working and stay at home mom, I still do everything that I’ve always done for my family, with the added benefit of having less time to do it. I do all the grocery shopping,...

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