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I Love You – Now Go Away

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good extrovert. I married mine nearly twenty years ago, and I still feel like I won the husband lottery. He’s the yin to my yang, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

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My “Do-Over” is Done

When I became pregnant at 40, my husband and I were stunned. We already had two kids, we were delightfully done with poopy diapers and naptime, and, to be honest, we weren’t really interested in starting all over again. After learning that I was carrying twins, we were absolutely reeling. For the next couple of months, we laughed, we cried, and had very serious discussions about college costs, bedroom configurations, and our sanity. When I was 14 weeks along, we figured it was time to tell our families, and at that point, we were ready. We’d finally come to...

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School’s Over, and So is My Life

These kids need to eat lunch. Every. Single. Day. They also generate twice as much dirty laundry when they’re home, use the bathrooms a lot more (ew), and I suspect they’re breeding fidget spinners.

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Thank You Notes? No Thank you.

I have a confession. My kids haven’t written thank you notes in two years, and it’s killing me. After each of my children’s birthday parties, I carefully compile the obligatory list of gifts and guests, always with great intentions. Then I put the list on my desk and it sits there. Forever. A few birthdays ago, I managed to get two thank you notes into the mail, and I’m certain that the moms of those two kids thought I really had my shit together. When I was growing up, I always wrote thank you notes. My mom insisted, and...

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Forgive Me, I’m a Morning Person

I wish the whole day could be morning. No, I’m totally serious. To me, morning feels fresh, new, and alive. My thinking is clear and focused, my motivation is high, and my pace is quick. In college, I was the only one who voluntarily took 8am classes. I’d roll out of bed, shower, and, on the coldest of winter days, walk out of my dorm with wet hair, and into class with frozen hair. In grad school, I woke up at 5am to write papers and work on projects. It may sound crazy to all you “night” people, but...

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