Author: Adria Giordano

Trading My Pearls for Tassels

The tassels transformed me I think… they made me feel like someone else, someone who doesn’t plan every waking minute (or dinners for the week), someone who doesn’t stay up ironing clothes the night before school and work, or the person who organizes PTO breakfasts.  And definitely not someone who wears safe and conservative pearls. Every. Single. Day.

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A Naked Christmas Tree

t’s enough to juggle work, sick children and every day normal life stuff, add Christmas and it’s a whole other layer of stress. From shopping and baking and buying gifts for family and friends, truffles for office party, wrapping, and not to mention keeping said kids from getting us sick, it’s a wonder moms don’t hide under covers this time of the year. How do we keep it all together for our family?

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She is learning a new way of life and packed her little red suitcase and pink satin pillow and joined our crazy life in West Hartford for a night and a day.

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A Mom’s Summer To-Do List

As I think about the things we have not done yet this summer or things we have started but not finished (like redoing the girls’ bedrooms or figuring out what to do with the crocked path on the side of our house)… the end of summer blues set in, and I realize I have two weeks to left to finish my summer bucket list. Not happening.

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Accepting Myself and Cannonballs

It may seem like a small thing. Jumping into a crowded pool. But to me is was huge. All of me exposed. Cellulite and all. For everyone to see. Including the one person there who mattered: my daughter. She was the one that mattered. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this.

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