Author: Amanda Prechtl

Traveling Alone: Feeling Vulnerable

And then the last night of my visit, I woke up to someone turning the door handle on my hotel room door on the interconnecting door, which of course was locked but still. It was probably just a kid or something……..I’ve never felt scared before – scared about traveling alone. Scared about losing everything I have, not seeing my family, scared about not seeing my kids grow up.

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I am Not Here to Serve You

Did I do something wrong? Was there something in the way I carried myself that said “I am here to serve you, oh powerful man.” I still have a lot to think about as to why this incident bothered me so much but I can tell you this much, I am not here to serve men.

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I’m Taking a Sick Day…..

I called into work sick today, can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. But am I sick or am I just really tired? Like really really, bone dry tired, so tired I can’t move off this couch….

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