Author: Anissa Berasi

Lost and Found

Coasting.  Good for skateboarders.  Spring semester of Senior year.  Not for your career.  That is, unless you’re an overwhelmed, sleep deprived mom of three.  In that case, a career set on auto pilot is not such a bad thing.  Until it is. When I re-entered the workforce after my most recent six-month maternity leave, I walked into my grey and poorly lit place of employment and thought…what the hell am I doing here?!  This. Is. TERRIBLE.  It wasn’t just that I missed my brown eyed baby girl.  No, this was a strong sense of disillusionment.  A feeling that I...

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My Favorite Part

We arrived at La Camisa, a well-worn souvenir shop on Coronado Island, at 9:54am and waited for its doors to open. We experienced an after dinner urge to shop the night before, but missed closing time by 15 minutes.  We went to bed dejected – me, because I had to figure out a way to fit another walk to the shopping center into our already packed morning of packing, tidying our hotel room, and eating breakfast and the kids because their hearts were SET on acquiring one final trinket from paradise. We were due at the airport in less than an hour.  This was it.  Our...

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Baby Boy with the Blue Eyes

Some of you may remember April 4, 2011 as the night that the UConn Husky men’s basketball team beat the underdog Butler Bulldogs to win the NCAA tournament.  Perhaps you were blissfully unaware of the hurricane that started turning that very same day.  He was named Zachary Collin and made landfall at 9:23am.  At 9 lbs 2 oz, he was deemed a Category 5 storm that we would sooner learn just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning… He was ushered in with much fanfare and was born with a spark that has continually lit an intense, yet jovial path.  Quick with a smile, he...

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A Day in the Life FAQs: Anissa Berasi

6:00 am – Alarm sounds 6:09 am – Snooze 6:18 am – Snooze 6:27 am – Why didn’t I get up 27 minutes ago? I could have squeezed in a work out. 6:28 am – What time did Eliza sneak in here? How does a three year old manage to take up so much room in a king sized bed? 6:29 am – Was the Temperpedic mattress a good investment? Chalking my back pain up to Eliza’s perpendicular sleeping positioning, the shih-tzu poodle curled up on my pillow, and you know, the joys of getting older. 6:55 am –...

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