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Comfort & Hope

Last week I had the wind knocked out of me when I learned of a childhood friend’s shocking and tragic passing.  I’m stuck in the memories of his unique and hilarious personality.  Catholic school crushes.    Soccer sideline shenanigans.  High school honors classes.  His ever present and sweet parents.  His lovely sister, a teammate of mine.  Instant heartbreak. When a piece of the tapestry of your life is torn it’s easy to dwell in that empty space.  Life keeps moving which seems cruel and unnatural.  This death was an unwelcome reminder for me to enjoy today.  THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF.  And...

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This Too Shall Pass

I am often asking my boys: “Where is the love?!”.  By ignoring me and making me work for each and every ounce of affection offered, they have turned me into the needy girlfriend who looks for constant affirmations that her boyfriend still likes her, that she’s cool enough, that she’s fun enough…. I think I’m going to be left hanging on for some time. In the not so distant past, they were Mama’s boys.  Now, I barely get a backwards hug (i.e. a hug with zero participation from one party in which he backs into you, does not actually put...

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Small Change. Big Impact.

Let me start by sharing my worst kept secret:  I need structure and self-imposed rules to keep my life in order. It’s very hard for me to motivate myself without a sound plan and a check list.  I have accepted that it’s just how I roll.  Lately, I have been more irritable and mentally exhausted.  I’m sure the holidays played a part in it.  Overall, I felt like I could be more pleasant, less going through the motions and more focusing on the here and now.  So, as any self respecting creature of habit would, I set a rule regarding social media and my phone in general.  This recently implemented rule...

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One of my favorite traditions in December occurs one week prior to Christmas and has little to do with the holiday. In fact it is a celebration of a different birth.  One that occurred 94 years ago in 1922.  It is the celebration of Sophie.  Sophie is mother of three, grandmother of six, great-grandmother of eight, the ultimate matriarch, and we all relish the annual opportunity to show her love. Cataloging all of my memories of this beauty is simply impossible as she has shared in so moments from the mundane to the extraordinary. I am challenged to think of a time...

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It starts innocently enough.  Full of good intentions to make the holidays special and memorable.  I make a few lists.  Click thru my favorite shopping websites.  It’s only November.  I have time.  Theoretically speaking anyway… Before it’s too late to unsubscribe, my daily email intake doubles and then triples.  I am swimming in emails that ARE SCREAMING AT ME and can’t locate the ones that actually require replies.  Breathing while browsing becomes challenging.  I wake up in a cold sweat grabbing for my phone and trying to recall if I remembered to add the cuddliest Snow White doll and latest Lego...

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