Worry about your OWN SELF! (My 2015 Resolution)

Dec 17, 2014 by

It’s that time of year. The holidays are just around the corner, and after that comes the promises. “This year, I’ll work out more!” “I will job hunt to make the money I deserve!” “I’ll go back to school and further my education!” or maybe just “This year, I will be healthier.” My resolution is a simple one that I hope can inspire many of you to follow suit (to be fair, I stole the wording from my three-year-old):

“This year, I will worry about my OWN SELF* for once.”

Motherhood: When your plans go out the window…

Dec 10, 2014 by

I’ve always been a planner. I’ve pretty much had my life planned since I was old enough to form sentences. I wrote a book when I was in first grade about how I’d grow up to be a teacher. I planned out what my house would look like (though, I quickly learned that my shingled beach house with purple hydrangeas and and my profession of teacher weren’t working together), and I knew I’d become a mother as soon as possible. However, I never thought about what this meant for my love of planning things.

How to Have a Christmas Smörgåsbord

Dec 3, 2014 by

“Christmas”, in my family, doesn’t refer to simply one day, but several days. Our family is scattered about the country, which leads to no less than four separate Christmas celebrations. Before the “real” celebration on December 25th, my side the family gathers for our annual tradition of a Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord, usually at my house. This tradition, which literally drips with cream, cheese, and other artery-clogging delights, is probably my favorite food I eat all year. I thought I’d share our traditions in case anyone else has been tempted to celebrate the holidays with a Scandinavian flair this year. I present to you…Smörgåsbord 2014! Skol!

These are homemade...but you can buy them in the store and they're (almost) as delicious!

These are homemade…but you can buy them in the store and they’re (almost) as delicious!


*Please note that you can purchase almost everything you need at…you guessed it…Ikea :) I included some traditional recipes from our family’s files as well as a few links to good online recipe sources. Enjoy!

Reluctantly Fun Snow Projects

Nov 26, 2014 by

I’m not a snow fan. I fake it, for the sake of my snow-loving sons and Minnesota-transplant husband, but I pretty much hate snow. The only time I can even a tiny bit admit to liking it is on Christmas. You know when I really don’t appreciate it? On Thanksgiving. I would like to remind Mother Nature that Thanksgiving in New England is a fall holiday. You know, with crisp leaves, pumpkins, that sort of thing. So although I in no way endorse this pre-Thanksgiving snowpocylapse, I thought I’d try to see the silver lining and think of my kids, who are totally elated at the thought of snow for Thanksgiving. If you’re trying to find a reason to enjoy this impromptu storm that had the audacity to arrive before the winter solstice, here are some fun snow activities you can try with your kids. Bonus: some involve bring that cold, awful snow inside your warm house, thus saving you from enduring it’s cold, wet, awfulness. ;)

Including the Kids in Thanksgiving Prep

Nov 19, 2014 by

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! For an over-planner like me, this means the spreadsheets, lists, and plans of attack are flying through my head this week. While I’m not hosting the meal, I am bringing several dishes to my parents’ house. I am a New England traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving, and it’s important to me to pass on my own traditions to my two sons. Raising boys who can cook, and cook well, is really important to me, so I like to try to include my 3 and 6 year old boys in as many ways as possible as we get ready for our family’s dinner together. It’s true that they do not do “perfect” work, but in my opinion, the benefit of having them be included and learn their way around the kitchen is worth the possible less-than-perfect results. And trust me– the grandparents don’t mind at all if things don’t look exactly as planned. If you’re interested in finding ways to let the kids pitch in and help on Thanksgiving, here are some age-appropriate ideas!

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