Perfectly Prepared for an Imperfect World

Apr 23, 2014 by

Life isn’t perfect. This is not a revelation of any sort. While the degree to which we’ve experienced hardships and success may vary from person to person, it’s a fact of life that we have all encountered, and will continue to encounter, successes and struggles in every part of our lives. So how is it possible that some are able to take these highs and lows seemingly in stride while others aren’t? The key is resiliency.

Responding to Limit-Testing While Staying Sane

Apr 16, 2014 by

Asserting themselves. Testing. Pushing the limits. Driving us crazy. Call it what you will, all kids have occasional stages that feel like never-ending parent versus child power struggles. We’ve been in a phase of limit-testing lately at my house with my almost-three-year-old. Every day feels like opposite-day.

“I want a bagel for breakfast, please.”

“Ok, here’s your bagel!”

“I WANTED CEREAL! I changed my mind! Make this bagel go AWAY!”

This is how most of our days have gone lately. He wants his banana cut up. As soon as it’s cut, he wants it whole. He wants a glass of water, no, wait milk, no, wait water! Each day takes every ounce of patience that I have in me. Why is this happening?

Who has it better: Firstborn or second?

Apr 9, 2014 by

Since the day I found out I was pregnant with kid #2, my husband and I have known we were in unchartered waters with raising a “second born”. We are both the oldest in our family, and obviously, with one kid, we had another “oldest” under our roof. This new child would be the only “non-firstborn” in our home. While we were honestly elated at the prospect of a becoming a family of four, we may or may not have jokingly referred to our unborn child as “the interloper” while I was pregnant. How could there ever be a kid we’d love as much as our only son?? Side note: If you are pregnant with your second child (or thinking about a second child), fear not: those feelings are totally normal, and they are soon replaced by loving a second child just as much as the first.

Helping Parents Raise Readers: Tips from a Pro

Apr 2, 2014 by

Early literacy development is something that has always interested me, both as a mother and a teacher. There are so many views and opinions floating around about how to encourage children to become strong, eager readers that it can seem overwhelming to know how to best support them. It’s something I think about often with my own boys and in the classroom.  A fellow parent at my son’s school happens to run a local tutoring center that specializes in supporting literacy skills in school-aged children. I asked her a few questions about this topic, and with her permission, now share her responses with our community of readers here on CTWorkingMoms. I hope you all find this information as useful as I have!

Veronica is a certified member of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators which focuses on teaching reading to students with Dyslexia by using a phonetic and alphabetic approach. She also owns and operates Community Learning Academy, which provides tutoring services to school-aged children. 

Facts to Make Parents Feel Better About Life

Mar 26, 2014 by

My younger son, previously my sweet, easy-going, mellow child, is turning three soon. Three. Three is my least-favorite age. Terrible Twos have nothin’ on the Terrifying Threes. It’s been a long week of meltdowns and power struggles over here, combined with January-like weather at the end of March, so I thought I’d share some “Facts to Make Parents Feel Better About Life”, compiled by yours truly, to brighten the spirits of anyone in the same boat this week!

  • Your picky eater is simply well-evolved. You see, scientists think newly-mobile toddlers and young children evolved to be picky to save them from accidentally eating poisonous foods while out foraging. So there. It’s not your fault.
  • While it may seem like all the other moms are making scrambled eggs with pancakes and green smoothies every morning, cold cereal is the most commonly eaten breakfast in our country.
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