Why You Should Love Fall (or at least consider it)

Aug 27, 2014 by

It has come to my attention recently (ahem, Mom) that not everyone loves fall as much as I do. Apparently, many people prefer summer to fall. Having lived all of my life in New England, which I consider to be the Queen of All Things Fall, this perplexes me. Summer on a Connecticut beach is a wonderful thing, but in general, fall wins every time. Why? Here are a few things to look forward to in the glorious time of autumn in New England:

  • Local apples. Nothing is tastier than a fresh, locally grown apple. My whole family loves apples, and it’s so nice to have a reprieve from the somewhat mushy, sort of flavorless ones shipped in to us during the rest of the year.

    Macouns are a favorite here!

    Macouns are a favorite here!

Back-to-School Gratitude

Aug 20, 2014 by

Summer’s end is clearly in sight. We have been living it up during the last week over here with a fantastic trip to see the grandparents and extended family, complete with a day at the zoo, so many root beer floats, and playtime with cousins. Summer always flies by, but at least this year, we feel like we got as much out of it as is humanly possible. But, inevitably, fall looms ahead.

I’ve seen so much on the internet this summer about how moms feel about their kids going back to school. This blog post, in particular, had me doubled over laughing as I related to many of the author’s sentiments. Then there’s this mom, who brings her own music and dances a good bye to her kiddos every year on the first day of school:

Our Favorite CT Day Trips This Summer

Aug 13, 2014 by

I have dubbed this summer “The Summer of Day Trips” for my children and me. Now that my children are 5 and 3, I’ve realized this is the first summer in almost six years that I do not have a child who wears diapers, eats baby food, or nurses. Translation? No diaper bag! That’s right! I just waltz out the door carrying only my purse, usually with a few water bottles and granola bars shoved inside. It’s amazing!

This summer, when we found ourselves with a free day, or even part of a day, we decided to get out and explore. Of all the adventures we’ve had, these are our favorites so far…

Tour de New Haven: Full day

Science shirts for the girls; racks of camo for the boys?

Aug 6, 2014 by

I have seen many articles covering Land’s End recent addition of science-themed shirts for girls to their fall clothing line. This is great, and clearly long overdue. I don’t even have a daughter, but I’ve noticed the major anti-feminist themes running in clothing for shockingly young girls out there. I get it, and I applaud Land’s End for doing something about it.

Spreading Back-to-School Smiles in Your Community

Jul 30, 2014 by

I have a love-hate relationship with Back-to-School shopping. On the one hand, it’s the moooost wonderful tiiime, of the yeaaaar:

(that may as well be me in the commercial)

But on the other hand, the commercialism and greed of it all drives me nuts! I have looked though my kids’ closets, and they don’t actually need much. My older son legitimately needs sneakers and a bigger backpack, and both boys need fall pants but honestly, if you’ve lived through September in Connecticut, you know we still have about a month of summery weather after school starts. All those cute corduroy pants and sweater outfits they advertise are great…in late October. My kids will probably wear shorts for the first few weeks, then maybe they’ll add a hoodie. Maybe.

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