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Things I am Purging from my Closet

via GIPHY Judging from the barrage of coupons, ads, and email alerts that have flooded my home this past week, it’s becoming clear that school is around the corner. My kids may not want to face it, but at some point in the next month, they will need to resume wearing regular clothing. Shoes, socks, clean shirts…it will all come back into their daily life. This past weekend we had our annual “Trying On Of All The Clothes”, an activity that, in case you weren’t aware, seven and five year old boys do not enjoy. It became apparent that my older son has exactly one (1) pair of pants that fit him and maybe three decent long sleeved shirts. Since I was cleaning out closets anyway, I decided to pull everything out of mine for the first time in ages and assess what I have as well. BIG MISTAKE. I made some deep cuts. Since having children, my own wardrobe has been severely neglected. My closest and dresser ostensibly look packed. Upon closer inspection, however, I found the following categories: *Pre-baby clothing that still doesn’t fit (8 years later) *Postpartum clothing that I have kept “just in case” *Half of Target’s women’s department, in various stages of life, ranging from new and fun to pilled and sad *Clearance purchases I bought because they were great deals and never (or rarely) wore...

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Our Review: Family Day Trip to Ocean Beach Park

My summer plans with my children have pretty much always involved free or nearly free local day tips. This summer, though, our sons are 5 and 7, and we decided to try something we’ve never done before. My children love the beach more than anything. We sprang for a CT State Parks pass this year ($67), so we spend lots of time at Rocky Neck State Park, partly because it’s gorgeous– my favorite public beach in the state– and partly because we go for free with our pass. I’ve always wanted to check out Ocean Beach State Park in...

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MORE Sensory Play Fun…this time, for older kids!

School got out really early this year in our district, and since I’m a teacher, I’m home nearly 24/7 with my kiddos during these months. Camps are not cheap, so we have opted to attend “Camp Mom” all summer, as I’m calling it, where I plan activities for us all each day. Here in week three, the “newness” of summer is wearing off and the cries of  “MOM! What is there to do around here?!” are becoming a daily occurrence. I’ve written before about the benefits of sensory play  for younger children, but at ages 7 and 5, my kids have been there...

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Kids Cook Dinner Night: An Experiment

via GIPHY Summer is in full swing at our house, and that means new routines are replacing our school year ones. There’s no homework at night, and evening commitments are nearly nil. We are excited to fill this free time with things we wouldn’t otherwise have time for. There have been more art projects, more hours outside, and (lots) more trips out for ice cream. This week, we’re attempting a new tradition that my sons have wanted to try for some time now: Kids Cook Dinner Night. Both of my children really love to cook. They’ve been helping out in the kitchen with simple tasks like chopping, mixing, and pouring since they were tiny, and both of them have some respectable culinary skills, given their ages. They are convinced they could easily prepare dinner for the four of us with only some adult assistance to put things into the oven and take them out again. They looked at the list of our “usual” dinners and debated what they could do, and settled upon making individual pizzas for us. I grabbed their requested ingredients at the store, and I am setting them lose tomorrow evening for their first attempt as the new family chefs. If all goes well, i.e., nothing catches fire and we find ourselves with edible meals, this could end up being a great new weekly tradition! They...

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Summer Traditions

I seriously can’t believe summer is already back. It seems like we blinked, and suddenly the school year is ending and my “babies” are entering kindergarten and second grade. Now that the kids are older, summer is more precious. It’s becoming clear that the years of childhood are very short, and time moves so quickly. We have a few summer traditions in our family, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with my sons again this year, in just a few short weeks. Tie-dye Day I don’t know when it began, but we kick off the summer with “tie-dye” day....

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