Looking Back on Six Years of Parenting Choices

Mar 18, 2015 by

A few days ago, my six-year-old son was rifling through my closet in an effort to further procrastinate putting on his clothes and getting ready for school. He pulled out an appointment card from an old purse and handed it to me: it was a reminder card for his own two week check up, back in 2008. It suddenly hit me how much time has passed before my very eyes. I can vividly remember this specific appointment. I’d been a mom for exactly 14 days, and I was fraught with worry. Nursing wasn’t going well. I had horrible pain; he had a bad latch. I was overwhelmed by the demand of nursing literally all day and night. I worried about causing flat spots on his tiny soft head if he slept too long in one position, and I worried even more when he didn’t sleep at all. I worried about SIDS. I worried about his recovery from jaundice, and his umbilical stump. I worried about everything.

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Show Up for Each Other!

Mar 4, 2015 by

You may have seen this news story around your newsfeeds lately, about a 6-year old boy with autism who invited his entire kindergarten class to his birthday party, only to have no one show up. According to the article:

Glenn Buratti invited all 16 of his kindergarten classmates from a Florida elementary school to his sixth birthday party last weekend. His mother, Ashlee Buratti, said not a single one responded to the invite.

“He was so devastated when he realized no one was coming to his birthday party that he refused to smile,” Buratti told ABC News today. “He tried to hide the fact that he was crying by pinching the bridge of his nose.”

UGH. This made me so incredibly sad. However, this story had a happy ending. Members of the family’s community came through for this little guy, and definitely made sure he felt special and appreciated on his birthday. Thank goodness!

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Gratitude for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Feb 25, 2015 by

Almost three weeks ago, I arrived home from work to a happy, active three year old who was excitedly planning what kind of cookies we’d bake for our family movie night that evening. Literally one hour later, my poor little guy was on the floor sobbing that his tummy hurt. Trying to not be “that mom” who rushes to the ER with every tiny thing, I headed to my local urgent care clinic, figuring they’d send me home with maybe a virus diagnosis. I had no idea what lay ahead.

For me, the night took a scary turn when the urgent care doctor advised that I start driving to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center right away, or if I’d rather, he’d call us an ambulance. Um, what? I was waiting for the “bland diet and keep him hydrated” speech! I opted to drive, and texted my husband to meet us there. At this point, I was thinking maybe the urgent care doctor was just being cautious, or at worst, maybe my son had appendicitis.

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Five Things I Will NOT Miss About Winter

Feb 18, 2015 by

Look, I’m not a summer fan. I know it’s blasphemy to say that in New England when we’re experiencing record-breaking cold and literally several feet of snow, but I just hate being too hot…even more than I hate the cold. I’m really more of a spring and fall fan, but each summer I find myself pining for a nice, cold winter day when it’s 97 degrees and humid. However, as much as I don’t love summer, there are some parts of winter, specifically winter as a parent, that I just will not miss:

1. The freaking snow gear. Every morning, I have to build a solid 15 minutes into our already crazy routine. Why? Snow gear! With our negative temps lately, the kids need hats, gloves, coats, and boots just to get out the door and into school. Don’t even get me started on when we go out to play! Full snow gear for everyone, then soggy snow gear all over the mudroom, then soggy clothing which must be changed immediately…all I do is laundry!!

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#LikeAMan…what does that mean?

Feb 4, 2015 by

So, here I am, a born-and-raised New Englander, and I missed the Super Bowl (where I hear the Patriots did pretty well, by the way) in its entirety. I missed it all– the game, halftime, commercials, snacks. Whoops. Apparently, this fantastic ad from Always played. I’d seen it before, and I have to admit, I adore it:

Powerful message, right? My favorite part is a little over a minute in, when the boy in the yellow shirt realizes that his interpretation of #LikeAGirl insulted girls, including possibly, his own sister. I love this ad so very much.


Boy-mom over here, just has to say…what about the boys? Finally, our society is starting to take women’s equality in all areas of life seriously. It is no secret that women have been treated as less-than in so many areas of our world for so very long. As recently as 2011, full-time working women here in Connecticut were earning only 78% of what full-time working men earned. Heck, I am a woman myself, and I am overjoyed that we are telling our women and girls they can follow their dreams. But what are we telling our boys?

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