#DontHateNewEngland…reasons for winter-haters to love our home

Jan 28, 2015 by

I can’t pretend to like winter. I just cannot. Every year I try so hard to psych myself up for it…it’s cozy! There’s cocoa! And sledding! And all of that! But then it arrives, and I just cannot muster any fondness for it. Every single winter I ask myself (and my husband) why we live in this cold, cold place, where we have to stock up on supplies for a possible multi-day power outage (which thank heavens, didn’t happen…this time…) without heat or water. Why. Not. Move? 

Well, here are 21 reasons to love Connecticut and stick around through this awful season, even if you loathe our winters as much as I do:

All photos taken by me. Please do not use without permission. Thanks!

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Sprinkling unexpected fun in our everyday life

Jan 21, 2015 by

This year is the first year I have a child in full-time school, and I have been shocked by how intense it is from the perspective of a parent. I work part-time, and we had previously patched together childcare between my husband, my mother, friends, and myself, allowing the boys to attend part-time preschool programs prior to jumping into “real school”. Now, my kindergartener’s day starts at 7:00 am when he wakes up and doesn’t really start winding down until about 4:00 pm, when he’s home for the evening. While he’s at school, he’s not playing house and cutting and pasting shapes like I did in kindergarten– he’s in reading groups, learning how to use computers, and practicing his sight words. It’s a new world out there!

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My defining moment: When I stopped trying to have a “good baby”

Jan 14, 2015 by

When I became a mother, I was the first of my close friends to do so. I’d never seen anyone in my circle of friends go through this enormous life change, and nothing I’d read had prepared me for it. Even having a former career as a teacher left me wondering what I was supposed to be doing, why it was so hard for me to figure out, and whether I was doing everything wrong. Being a researcher by nature, I read everything and anything I could get my hands on: parenting books, magazine articles, message boards…you name it, I read it. I’d read so many things describing what life should look like with a baby, and my life didn’t look much like it.

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When giving choices doesn’t work…

Jan 7, 2015 by


“Before I married, I had six theories about raising children and no children. Now, I have six children and no theories.”

-John Wilmot

Oh, pre-kids self, you were so very naive! I know it’s been said a thousand times, but I cannot emphasize enough how actually raising children myself has taught me how very little I know about parenting. You see, everything is so neat and tidy in those parenting books. Naps are at 9:30 am, noon, and 3pm. Bedtime is at 8. No white sugar. No raised voices. Everything seemed so easy before I actually brought my babies home from the hospital and you know, started parenting. Even childbirth itself was an education in how little I knew! Easy, medication-free birth with instant nursing and bonding? HA! Bring on the epidural and weeks of nursing struggles and pain! Six years into this gig, and I’m slowly accepting that while I can control how I react to things as a parent, I really cannot control (nor should I!) everything my children do, or don’t do, for that matter.

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Flying with Kids…Fear Not! It gets better!

Dec 31, 2014 by

We hit a big milestone in our family this past week. It wasn’t one of the “official” ones you’ll read about in parenting books, but for me, it was right up there with walking and talking: We had our first gear-free, “big kids only” flight.

Flying like the big kids!

Flying like the big kids! No sippy cups, no diapers, no problems!

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