Two Parents sick = Worst time ever

Sep 19, 2014 by

One of the things I despise the most about adult hood is the fact that when you are sick you do not have your parents there to take care of you. I remember in graduate school I came down with the FLU. It was a week of hell and while my sister would check in on me (we lived together) and also my boyfriend (now husband) it was not the same as the tender loving care parents give to their sick young.

Fast forward to becoming a parent yourself and then get sick.


I brought home an awful cold/sinus infection and was praying that it would spread. I washed my hands everyday but like every other responsible adult I still went to work. I felt like dog crap the first few days but let’s be honest the kids do not give a shit that you feel like….shit.

How my work review should really go…

Sep 12, 2014 by

It is that time again ladies! It is mid year review time. I personally have never been a huge fan of reviews. I understand why we have them and why they are important but nonetheless I get weirded out by flashing my accomplishments and of course my shortcomings on paper to talk about over and over again.

As I was working on my current one, I realized that the review itself does not really depict my whole self and how HARD I really work, especially as a working mother.  I keep my whole review one sided, never bringing in the struggles that I battle at home on a daily basis.

So when I state that I closed a huge deal with a client I should have added that I did it on the last day before my due date, extremely fucking pregnant and miserable. I was able to pull this deal through with hips that felt like they were cracking and a bladder the size of a peanut. I did not waiver in my loyalty to work even though I hadn’t seen my toes in months.

Making Time..

Aug 29, 2014 by

Do you know what one sentence I find myself saying every day all day long?


I need to make time for…..

I need to make time for more work to get shit done.

I need to make time for exercise.

I need to make time for my husband

I need to make more time with my kids

I need to make time for a hobby

I need to make time for friends and family

I need to make time my personal upkeep

I swear since having kids I have no time for anything, oh and that career I have isn’t helping either.  When the hell am I supposed to make time for all of this? If you sit down and add up the time it would take to accomplish these things over a week period I would not only not get any sleep but I’d need 30 hour days instead of 24.


Aug 22, 2014 by

Can I tell you ladies why I am so freaking happy right now that I could scream?! I am literally beaming from ear to ear.

Take a guess?

Did I win the Lottery?


Did I get a promotion at work?


Did I suddenly lose 20 pounds by eating ice cream?


No ladies the biggest accomplishment for a mother with a baby occurred in the last week.


This is the moment that angels sung and a world celebration started to begin.

HAPPY DANCE for this lady!

HAPPY DANCE for this lady!

I can promise you..

Aug 15, 2014 by

All day long most parents I know, including myself are constantly worrying about what we cannot do for our kids or promise them.

We constantly worry about what we are doing right or wrong and to be honest: IT IS DOWN RIGHT EXHAUSTING!

So today I decided to take a positive approach to parenting and talk about the things I CAN promise my kids will happen or they will get from me as a parent.


1. You can always puke and shit on me. I will never run from your bodily functions. This is the sign of true love. From day one we will run to cup your puke as opposed to the natural reaction to run.

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