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Motherhood Destroys Modesty…

During your life you are taught from a young age to have modesty or some boundaries of privacy. You cover yourself properly, and try to not share private things or parts with anyone. I remember being a little scared to dress into gym clothes freshman year when my non-existent boobs started to bloom. Now do not get me wrong I am not the most modest person in the world by any means, but I did have some that is until…. UNTIL I HAD MY CHILDREN! I went from caring about the boundaries society has deemed appropriate to not giving a flying fuck. To non-mothers I am going to break down how the adventure of pregnancy to children will smash any modesty or shame you feel about your private parts accidentally flying out for the world to see and how mothers come to be there. 1. Pregnancy: All of a sudden all this crazy shit starts happening to your body. It is worse than puberty and the hormones are even crazier. You start throwing up randomly which is very sexy, and your boobs and vag definitely change with the growth of your child. Now the boob growth is pretty great (says the itty bitty titty club member) but the vagina goes from normal to puffy and purple. I referred to it as Grimace. I remember looking at it being like...

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Primary Breadwinner guilt

So as you all know I have been the primary breadwinner for a while, and in the last year the only working parent in our household. Before my second child Mabel was born my husband and I mutually spoke about having him stay home since daycare is atrocious and he was working so much as a chef he was never home and missed our first born son. He basically figured out that the promotion I got we could cover the bills if we tightened our reigns a bit. So here we are just after celebrating our daughters first birthday and I am here to report how it has been. Overall having my husband has been amazing. We have finally been able to put my “career” first. I am no longer the default parent. Plus ladies I married a chef so the whole dinner thing is obviously amazing. One thing I never thought would come from this was the extreme guilt. I am pretty even keeled about most things. It’s funny since I do not feel any guilt for actually working. I think growing up with a working mother and turning out normal alleviates that fear. I am close with my mother, never felt neglected or not knew who my mom was. So this upbringing makes the working mom part ok. My guilt comes from my husband being home all week...

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Tribute to my time with Aunt Flow

Being a woman and a mother has so many wonderful events, characteristics and things associated with our gender. Probably one the most defining differences we have between man and woman is that wonderful thing we call a menstrual cycle. The thing I refer to as “Aunt Flow” who likes to come and ruin every new pair of underwear I purchase. While I was in the restroom at work trying to contain aunt flow and hopefully not ruin my pants I started to think about how my view of her has changed over the years and most likely will continue to. So I give to you the different views/stages I have as a woman, and mother  had over the years about my period. Age 15: God why do I not have my period! Every other girl does?! Period equals boobs and goddammit I want some boobs. Age 16: Holy shit I got my period. NOW What? What is this tampon thing? Looks like a toilet roll that has to go WHERE? Scented? Why would I want my vagina scented? Oh god maybe I do? Better to smell like a batch of roses than a butcher shop? Age 21: PLEASE God, Buddha, Allah, Alien God let me get my period every month. Must be safe and get birth control, and pull out method. I’m a day late….WTF HOLY shit this can’t be...

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