Making Time..

Aug 29, 2014 by

Do you know what one sentence I find myself saying every day all day long?


I need to make time for…..

I need to make time for more work to get shit done.

I need to make time for exercise.

I need to make time for my husband

I need to make more time with my kids

I need to make time for a hobby

I need to make time for friends and family

I need to make time my personal upkeep

I swear since having kids I have no time for anything, oh and that career I have isn’t helping either.  When the hell am I supposed to make time for all of this? If you sit down and add up the time it would take to accomplish these things over a week period I would not only not get any sleep but I’d need 30 hour days instead of 24.


Aug 22, 2014 by

Can I tell you ladies why I am so freaking happy right now that I could scream?! I am literally beaming from ear to ear.

Take a guess?

Did I win the Lottery?


Did I get a promotion at work?


Did I suddenly lose 20 pounds by eating ice cream?


No ladies the biggest accomplishment for a mother with a baby occurred in the last week.


This is the moment that angels sung and a world celebration started to begin.

HAPPY DANCE for this lady!

HAPPY DANCE for this lady!

I can promise you..

Aug 15, 2014 by

All day long most parents I know, including myself are constantly worrying about what we cannot do for our kids or promise them.

We constantly worry about what we are doing right or wrong and to be honest: IT IS DOWN RIGHT EXHAUSTING!

So today I decided to take a positive approach to parenting and talk about the things I CAN promise my kids will happen or they will get from me as a parent.


1. You can always puke and shit on me. I will never run from your bodily functions. This is the sign of true love. From day one we will run to cup your puke as opposed to the natural reaction to run.

Diaper Rash Treatments

Aug 8, 2014 by

Little Baby Girl in crib

So this week I have no funny story or deep thought but after talking to a friend of mine thought I would share different diaper treatments I have heard worked for many different babies. Sometimes you just need some ideas to try especially when your baby’s bum is looking like it has road rash.

Here is the collection of different mixtures and products I have seen or heard worked for different mamas and their babies.

1: Coconut Oil: This is by far the best product for diaper rash I have seen for everyday use. It works wonders and the jar last forever. Oh and you can also cook with it, use it in your hair to make it shiny, and use it for dry skin.

2. For really bad diaper rash (think teething): Equal parts Nystatin, Desitin, and Hydrocortisone. This worked wonders for a friend whose poor daughter had scabs on her bottom from teething.

Primary breadwinner second edition

Aug 1, 2014 by

I wanted to revisit how it has been going since I am now the primary breadwinner and almost sole provider  Ever since our second child was born, my husband has been the primary caregiver. With the roles changing I wanted to discuss the good, bad and ugly about this change as it applies to my family.

So here are a few updates and/or tips to anyone else who is embarking on this relationship:

1. I feel a ton more pressure: I know this sounds nuts but knowing my income and bonuses are imperative to our survival definitely bring a level of pressure that you cannot avoid. Before there were two incomes so it wasn’t such a big deal. Now I have to admit when I do not get an extra bonus it directly affects our month and budget. I am in sales so sometimes I am doing well and sometimes not so much.

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