My Defining Moment as a Parent

Jan 23, 2015 by

Since the day my first son was born there have been many moments that have made me feel like a parent. I transitioned from a selfish, fun, not-tired, carefree woman to a mother. From the first night home with my son staring into his eyes, to the weeks of consoling I gave to my colicky second born daughter I have definitely felt like a mother.

But in the last three years of being a mother I had my defining moment a months ago. But lets go back to a few years ago to get this story told correctly.

After the birth of my 9.1lb son I had been diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids and decided to get an easy outpatient banding procedure done. The O’Reagan System was fabulous, but unfortunately before I could complete the procedure (You go a couple of times) I got pregnant with my second child and wasn’t able to finish it completely.

Be GONE Guilty Mom Gene!

Jan 9, 2015 by


Sometimes as mothers I think we are born and bred with a “Guilty” Gene. Before having kids I was definitely a lot less harsh on myself. Do not get me wrong I still beat myself over things like weight but overall I was pretty content.

Guilty Gene is imbedded in our DNA!

Guilty Gene is imbedded in our DNA!

Then BAM I give birth to my son and all of a sudden I feel guilty about everything. You know what I am talking about fellow working MOMS!

“Is he sleeping enough?”

“Shouldn’t he be crawling?”

“Oh my god he had eggs two days before recommended!”

“I am so exhausted and not so present at work”

“My poor husband has not seen a pretty version of me in months!”

And so on and so and so on….

You know you are a parent when….Part 2

Jan 2, 2015 by

When I first started writing for the blog I wrote a post that stated when you know you are a mom and wanted to continue with this and I have over the last few years realized how much my life has changed for good, bad and just plain different.

You know you are a parent when:

1. You can no longer run, walk brisk or exercise (not like I am doing to much of it anyway) without pissing yourself.

2. You tell your partner you can have sex but don’t be concerned if you fall asleep in the middle of it.

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

3. You pass out before New Years Eve and not because of a drunken escapade, rather you are just lame and tired.

4. You realize you can never purchase anything nice without recognizing it will eventually have piss, puke or some bodily fluid on it.

How Christmas has changed since kids…

Dec 19, 2014 by

When you are little Christmas is the most magical time of the year. You wait impatiently for Christmas Eve and hope you were good enough to get presents from Santa and your parents rather than coal or empty boxes. The holiday excitement exudes all around you while the snow is falling and snowmen are made.

Who didn't love Matching Christmas Outfits??? Didn't care as long as Santa came.

Who didn’t love Matching Christmas Outfits??? Didn’t care as long as Santa came.

Then the years go by and you change from wishing for a doll, to most likely asking for cash and rolling your eyes at waking up before 11am. God I wish I could be a teenager again and sleep in like that. So the holiday looses a little sparkle as a teenager but let’s be honest most things do in our teen angst, I know everything, life is so hard emotionally days. I think I was more concerned with hanging with my friends then my family around the holidays. Shame on me of course but then it starts to change.

Must Book a vacation…

Dec 12, 2014 by

Just like every working mom I know we are stretched to our limits, about to flip out and so exhausted we can’t even remember what NOT TIRED feels like. We all love our families and would not change a single person (well maybe I would love to skip the tantrum years but come on who wouldn’t) but man it is so tedious some days.

I feel like I am a hamster on the wheel most days and it is not really going anywhere. The worst part about this is even though it feels like it this is actually not the truth. Over the last year my partner and I have accomplished a lot. In the last year we welcomed a new addition to the family, transitioned to a one income house, and I have definitely made strides in my professional and personal life.

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