The Most Important Skill

Apr 11, 2014 by

As a parent there is a laundry list of skills I want to teach my child and future children. How to read, how to write, tie their shoe laces, share, etc. but having a discussion with a close girlfriend of mine made me think more into this especially after having my son Maximus.

My girlfriend  is a social worker and she works with children from toddlers to adolescents and has seen some crazy and very sad situations over the years. But the one thing she said that has surprised me (and her) is “There is no rhyme or reason to the children I have come into contact with. I have seen poor children all the way to rich children with or without loving homes and some still end up in trouble or with issues.” I think most people (I should never generalize I know) would think “Of course someone from a broken family or a poverty-stricken area will have more problems!” but talking to my girlfriend some of the children she’s  seen are from “upstanding” well-off families as well.

The Positive Side of Business Trips

Apr 1, 2014 by

For my job I have to travel for overnights about twice a year. Before children this was not an issue but having my son Max has thrown a loop into how I feel about leaving for 4 days. I have felt guilty and sad but decided to write down the pros of having these two business trips and squash any negative feelings.  I am a firm believer in looking at the positive side of everything especially if you cannot change it. So for all my ladies out there who have to leave their children here are the reasons you should smile.

1. You can pee or take a dump in peace.

Bathroom pictures2. You have a maid cleaning up after you!


3. Uninterrupted sleep (Best part of every trip)

Being a Working Mom Will Not Screw Up Your Kids

Mar 28, 2014 by

The Ivers family can have fun!

The Ivers family can have fun

Today is a tribute to my amazing mother (and fellow blogger) who somehow raised four daughters (and well), worked and kept her sanity. Being a mother now I have absolutely no freaking clue how she did not have a nervous breakdown or screw us up big time, but somehow she survived and has come out on the other side victorious! I feel her story needs to be shared with all working mothers out there today who are scared and think their working will royally screw up their kids. Many of my friends may be working moms but as children did not have a working mother so they have nothing to compare their experience to. This can be scary and brings a lot of anxiety to some mamas but I want to help ease their minds.

Thanking Your Labor Nurses

Mar 21, 2014 by

I was talking with a colleague of mine the other day who is eight and half months pregnant with her first child and the conversation ran the gamut. We were talking about how excited she is to become a mother but also how scared she is of the whole actual labor process and how her experience would be at the hospital. She proceeded to ask me how my experience was.

Ugh I am smiling but was TIRED as shit after 12 hours of labor.

I responded first with a disclaimer. You have to go in to the hospital with an open mind instead of a hard-core birth plan. With that said, I think you should go in with your preferences but when it comes to actual labor you will never know how it will go. Whether you have a natural labor (I hate even using that term as if giving birth any other way isn’t natural), medicated labor, c-section, suction, long arduous labor, short, fast labor you may not know or have it always go to plan. This is your first time experiencing the process of labor and whether you are having at home birth or birth at a hospital as much as you want to control the process you cannot rush or slow down when that little nugget wants to make its appearance to the world.

Sneaking in Vegetables

Mar 14, 2014 by

Kids are picky, crazy and change their minds about ten million times a day. This is no different when it comes to eating. Sometimes my kid is a rock star who will try a piece of sushi, spicy guacamole, or sausage but the one thing over and over again that always presents a problem is vegetables.

Yup looks about right

Do not get me wrong he will sometimes eat peas or carrots but overall if he sees green it is a no go.

I understand completely and do not go crazy forcing food down, but I do want to make sure he gets his proper nutrition. Since my son is only 20 months old I feel if I can get lots of fruit, healthy grains and at least one or two servings of some veggies I feel like a rock star. So I wanted to include some ways I have hidden veggies or included within other meals or recipes that my son will actually eat and not crazy unhealthy.

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