To my toddler I love you but…

Nov 14, 2014 by

To my toddler Mommy and Daddy love you  very much but….

YOU have no idea how good you have it with the following:

1. Your father is a chef and makes the most amazing, delicious restaurant quality dinners. You of course stick your nose up, scream as we force you to try JUST ONE bite and demand pizza. Do you know how many people out in the world have NO food, but you have home-made, healthy, yummy, dinners made numerous times a week?

People Pay for these types of dinners!

People Pay for these types of dinners!

2. You are able to take a dump and piss in a toilet. Back in the day people did this in buckets in their house. Some people still have to urinate or defecate out in a forest! Please try to keep it in the toilet bowl and not all over the floor.

My Favorite Non-Necessity baby gear piece

Nov 7, 2014 by

After you have had a couple of kids you realize a majority of baby gear you register for in the baby stores while make life convenient but really are no necessary to raise your child. Except for formula, breast-milk  car seat, diapers and bottles everything else is to make your life easier.

Out of all the product that is totally an extra to have (wipes warmer, swaddles, etc) I must say I LOVE my video monitor the best. The video monitor is fabulous because it helped me in the following situations.

1. As a new mother scared my child would die if I wasn’t staring or holding him all the time the video monitor helped me watch him as soon as I switched him to his own room. I remember my husband watching me watching the baby yelling at me “Would you stop staring at our kid!” It did help me ease those first few weeks of anxiety.

Kids develop so differently

Oct 31, 2014 by

The age-old conversations about development goes something like this:

“I am so proud of my daughter she is walking by 8 months!”

“My son can already crawl”

“I swear my baby started smiling at 6 hours”

As new moms it is not hard to feel proud if your child hits a milestone, but what I also know is you can feel anxiety ridden if your child is not hitting those milestones at exactly the time a book states or your friends post pictures of all over Facebook.

Do not get me wrong, I love photos of kids and post myself but what I realize now with two kids is that they definitely move along at whatever path they see fit when it comes to milestones.

Vivian wrote a great piece touching on this (a must read).

All I want is…

Oct 17, 2014 by

Do you know what I long for the most now that I am a mother?

It isn’t all the extra money we had, or how I used to be able to take my time getting ready in the morning, or even the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.

What I miss the most are….


Doesn't he look so peaceful...We both miss our naps

Doesn’t he look so peaceful…We both miss our naps

I miss the days that if I felt tired or overworked I could lay down in complete silence close my eyes and drift off to slumber land. Even better I could take a nap for as long as I wanted.

Sometimes it was a quick nap of 45 mins and other days (usually after a fun night) I would nap for 3 hours!

As I type this it doesn’t even seem real.

3 GLORIOUS hours.

Mothering is easier with a village..

Oct 10, 2014 by

Let’s be honest PARENTING is hard. Your life changes in this huge, wonderful, tiring, crazy way and many times you can feel very isolated. At the dawn of time when there were tribes this was when a village was the most prominent. Mothers, neighbors and families helped each other, if not lived with each other to help nurture the family unit but more importantly help them survive.

I know America doesn't look like this anymore.

I know America doesn’t look like this anymore. Photo credit

I know today living in a first world country like America there is less of a need to “survive” but it is sad that we have made parenting a very isolating event. Some people (like myself) are very blessed to have a close family who we can depend on for support but I also have widened the net to my neighbors.

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