Author: Colleen Moffett-Mals

But Are You Proud of Yourself?

My husband and I say we are proud of our kids all the time, every day. We end the night with the phrase every night. We thought it was important. I think it still is… But today I asked Lucy if she was proud of herself (after a great day of school and being particularly helpful throughout the afternoon). She said, “no.”

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Mother’s Day Fail.

I remember a year (could I have been 6 or 7, 10?) when my sisters and I didn’t get anything for my mother for Mother’s Day. No mug, no painting, no craft, no card. Worse, my Dad didn’t do anything either.  On the way to a brunch buffet, the car was quiet, tense. The feeling of guilt weighed heavily on all of us. The reality is that Mom is a fantastic mom. She should’ve received it all (breakfast in bed, flowers, jewelry and more). Instead she got a last minute breakfast date with three teary girls and a husband...

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Good Night Stories for the Busy Mom

Reading is one of the few things I have complete control over in my life right now.  It’s something I choose to do and choices really are a luxury. In order to do this whole full-time working mom thing I couldn’t do it without my husband.  Sure, he doesn’t cook and he can’t clean that well, but he does lots of other great things.  I mean it, he does.  I would also be a mess if I didn’t have my extended family to help in all the ways they do (the big things like childcare, but also the shopping...

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5-Second Rule

Today I picked a gummy bear off of the parking lot, brushed it off and gave it to my son to eat. It’s not my proudest moment, but it’s also not my lowest. Some of us will be writing about a “day in a life” this month and I thought starting off with a terribly embarrassing confession may help describe how a typical day goes for me. On this particular day I took 50 sophomores on a field trip to the art museum. I lost numerous hours of sleep the night before (jitters, worries, nightmare scenarios) and as per...

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A Toddler Mom’s Snow Day

I am a teacher which means in the winter I often get the luxury of snow delays, dismissals and the ever-popular snow day. This winter we got away with mostly delays and only two snow days (a true miracle) and I am looking forward to an early summer. But, you know, it’s hard not to get excited when you get a text in the morning that says, No School Today. Even though I am in my thirties, I still get that snow day excitement of hot chocolate and extra tv and sleep. That is until I realize that I...

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