Author: Colleen Moffett-Mals

5-Second Rule

Today I picked a gummy bear off of the parking lot, brushed it off and gave it to my son to eat. It’s not my proudest moment, but it’s also not my lowest. Some of us will be writing about a “day in a life” this month and I thought starting off with a terribly embarrassing confession may help describe how a typical day goes for me. On this particular day I took 50 sophomores on a field trip to the art museum. I lost numerous hours of sleep the night before (jitters, worries, nightmare scenarios) and as per...

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A Toddler Mom’s Snow Day

I am a teacher which means in the winter I often get the luxury of snow delays, dismissals and the ever-popular snow day. This winter we got away with mostly delays and only two snow days (a true miracle) and I am looking forward to an early summer. But, you know, it’s hard not to get excited when you get a text in the morning that says, No School Today. Even though I am in my thirties, I still get that snow day excitement of hot chocolate and extra tv and sleep. That is until I realize that I...

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Momfession: Remembering What Used To Be

I spend almost all my day caring for my kids or thinking of how I’ll care for my kids when I get home from work.  I am completely dedicated and I love being a mom But my momfession? I let myself fantasize about what my life will be like when I am not on 24/7 clean-up/entertain/food prep/fix/read…duty.  I know mothering never stops, but I think building towers made out of blocks does.  I know I’ll never stop worrying, but I think there is a point in time when I stop being invited to “check out” their poop (EVERY TIME)....

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A Kid’s Christmas

Last year after my daughter’s third birthday party my grandmother told me, “You have a real kid’s house. You can tell they have a lot of fun here.” I know she meant this as a compliment so that’s how I took it. She meant that kids are welcomed here, that we are a happy house, that one doesn’t have to worry if something breaks. My grandmother says what she wants and has forever.  Usually there is a grain of truth somewhere in her words. I figure I must be doing something right if my kids are happy, right? Right?...

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Love Wins

Last week (before my husband and I left the kids for the weekend and before a presidential election rocked the nation) I was having just a normal week at school.  Well, it was a rather long, tiring week, but a regular one nonetheless.  Until one day a student in one of my classes asked if he could talk to me after class.  My answer as always, “no problem.” He’s a jovial kid, mixed with a bit of a tough facade.  He makes others laugh, but he doesn’t like the joke pointed at him.  He’s bright and serious about his...

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