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My Girl (and Boy)

I don’t have much quiet time, but when I do I am probably reading a few pages of a book or listening to a podcast. My favorite podcast is Death, Sex, Money. It covers everything (as the title suggests). If you haven’t looked into it, start today and go through the whole feed. Avoid the episode about Baby Karl unless you are ready to cry for hours and hug your kids all night long (seriously, that’s what I did). Anyways, one of the most recent episodes was an interview with Anna Chlumsky. I hope the name is familiar, but if not she is the...

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Margaritas by the Pool

I don’t remember my own mother wading in the pool with me when I was young.  I remember swimming from sun up to sun down most summer days and playing marco polo, fishy-fishy-out-of-water and chicken.  I remember having the time of my life, but it was mostly just with my sisters, friends and cousins. I don’t really remember my mom’s involvement because even though it was my parents who bought and maintained the pool, by the time we got it I was in the 4th grade.  So of course, she was there, I just didn’t need her to entertain me....

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Doing it all or Just Doing a Lot?

I am new to CTworkingmoms.  More importantly I am also a fan.  I so relate to the moms who write so honestly about their joys and struggles.  My oldest is three and youngest is 21 months and I have learned so much already about what it really means to be a working mom.  I learn every day (mostly through my mistakes) and sometimes I feel really good about my ability to mom.  Other days I make lists (in my head) of all the things I can and should be doing better. I often struggle with how much I give.  There are...

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