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Happy Other Mother’s Day

As the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”.  All weekend I’ve been thinking about the village of people who helped raise me and the community of women who are helping me raise my children. I’d like to dedicate a day to those mothers.  The ones who mother everyone, not just their own children.  If I thought long and hard enough about these women it would certainly bring me to tears.  My life, and the lives of my children, depend on them. To Gloria, my mother’s best friend when I was a child.  Gloria was also a single mother and so she and my mom had each other’s backs.  She was the one who picked me up from school if I was sick, she took us overnight when my mom needed a break, she even taught me how to ride a bike. To Myra, the elderly women at church who must have known that I was missing the role of grandmother in my life and happily stepped in to provide some much needed wisdom that only comes with age. To my Aunt Chris, who has stepped up to remember all the holidays and birthdays and special occasions that my own grandmother would. To Rosie, my father in-law’s significant other, who has been a part of my children’s lives since before Kitten was born, who is a...

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In Support of Lowered Expectations

I had a psychology professor in college who was a Zen buddhist.  He taught about meditation and mindfulness long before it was mainstream.  Dr. Derek Price started every class by scribbling quotes on the chalkboard. They served no purpose to the lecture other than to provoke thought and while most of them have long since left my memory, one has always stuck with me: For success, aim low. Over the years this has taken on so many meanings for me.  Back in the day, as a self-righteous college student it came across almost as an insult.  As in, “I can only be successful if I shoot for the middle”. Mediocrity did not suit me. However, as time has gone on, I’ve gained some knowledge on this subject.  I see no problem with shooting for the middle. Sometimes we strive for such lofty goals that we are doomed for failure before we start.  Or we spend far too long striving for something that is not easily attained.  It’s easier to set smaller, lower goals to inch your way to the lofty ones.  If only I actually believed that statement all the time. As humans it’s in our nature to want to continually do our best and aim high. Which brings us to yesterday.  I ran the Legends 4 miler in Middletown.  Yes, another running story.  Feel free to walk away...

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Introvert Parent/Extrovert Child

Most people don’t believe me when I say I’m an introvert.  I get it; I’m social, I’m outgoing, I enjoy being around people and spending time with my friends.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret…it all exhausts me.  While the idea of an action-packed, activity-filled weekend with family and friends is exciting to me, it also leaves me feeling like I need to spend some time in sweats under a blanket with a book to recover.  Do you know the Facebook feed Sweatpants and Coffee? Yeah, I could’ve written that. I wasn’t always this introverted.  There was a time when my Meyers-Briggs even started with an E.  I’m really not sure when that changed.  Marriage? Kids? Stressful job? Who knows.  But I do know one thing, Kitten is anything but an introvert. Kitten has always had a love of adventure and excitement.  She walked early, climbed before she could walk, and has never let anything stand in her way.  She has more charisma than almost anyone I’ve ever met.  Seriously.  Everyone who meets her falls in love.   People are naturally drawn to her, and she to them.  She also in one of the most empathetic people I know.  She talks, a lot.  She moves, a lot.  She wants to be actively engaged in everything she experiences. Kitten loves being around people.  All.the.time. This may be...

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Can we all agree to stop saying this?

As a culture we’ve agreed that there are certain words and phrases that need to be abolished.  So much so in fact that we don’t even say the words in polite company. The N word or R word comes to mind, as does the phrase “that’s so gay“.  There’s another phrase I’ve had enough with and I’m hoping that as women and moms we can all agree to stop using it. “Have you lost weight?” I despise this phrase.  Truly.  I think the intent of this comment is complimentary, but at least for me, it’s anything but. I was a chubby kid.  Some would say fat.  I’ve always had a curvy figure.  Even as a two-season athlete in high school I still carried some extra pounds.  I’m assuming it’s because most of the food I was eating was making me sick, I just didn’t know it.  Once I hit college I slimmed down and despite some bouts of disordered eating (more about that some other time) I’ve maintained a mostly healthy weight.  However, I have a family member who for YEARS every time he saw me, multiple times a year, would say “You look great, have you lost weight?” This double comment I find particularly offensive, as if to imply I looked bad before. Every time I would answer no, and every time I’d get met with the same...

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My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

You may be wondering why I’m talking the time to tell you about podcasts.  Podcasts are actually a great tool for moms.   I find that I can squeeze in a podcast at lots of different times throughout my mom day: At the grocery store by myself (rare I know!) While waiting at dance or any other kid practice While cooking dinner On the treadmill On a long run While cleaning the house Listening to music or podcasts with noise cancelling headphones while cooking dinner has actually saved my sanity.  We all know how difficult the witching hour can...

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