Teaching Myself That I’m Worth It – One Workout at a Time

Apr 10, 2014 by


I’ve spent the past 30 days (and counting) doing something crazy.  Something I had long convinced myself was impossible.  I’ve worked out every single day.  Three young kids, working full-time, sickness, dinners to cook, far too much laundry to clean and still, a trip to the gym every.single.day.

Now, let’s just start off by being clear about one thing…no where in this post will I be uttering the words, “What’s Your Excuse?” because that, and all it implies, is just obnoxious.  For years my exercise routine was non-existent inconsistent and my “diet” included anything I could eat with 1 hand while feeding a baby with the other.  I was plagued by guilt during those years knowing that I *should* be working out more or eating better.  Images of Hollywood moms and all those freaking #fitspo memes just bounced around in my head and frankly? Made me want to eat a cookie.

Instilling Children with a Passion for Cooking!

Apr 3, 2014 by


I’m fairly confident that when my kids look back on their fond childhood memories, hours spent in the kitchen with me will be near the top of that list.  I *love* to cook – both the experience of creating, and sharing the enjoyment of the food with others.  With 3 young children, my cooking is far less experimental and indulgent these days, but I’m still finding myself logging plenty of time in the kitchen.  It is such a joy for me to share my passion with my kiddos – especially since they love it as much as I do.  It is an opportunity to connect, engage, and empower.  Lots of great life lessons can be learned with measuring cups and whisks in hand!

Common Core, DRA, MAP, Standardized Testing: What it All Means to Me

Mar 27, 2014 by


It is school conference and report card time and with 3 children in the public school system, there are a lot of numbers coming at me.  Reading test scores, math test scores, and everything in between.  Some of these numbers have been listed as “above average” and some have been listed as “below average”.  There was a time when these scores would  have meant a lot to me, but now I try to keep all the percentages in perspective.

Gender Bender

Mar 20, 2014 by

I had planned to write on a different topic this week, but when Sarah shared her fantastic piece on gendered clothing for young children, I just had to continue the important conversation.  As a mom of both girls and a boy, one of whom is showing tendencies towards gender non-conformity, and a member of the LGBT community, I have a lot of opinions about how we *should* be presenting gender to our children.  But as a mom who loves her children fiercely and cringes at the thought of even a moment of their pain or embarrassment, I know that executing those *shoulds* can be damn hard.

I shared this story a few years ago…

This weekend I had the glorious opportunity to sit my bum in a salon chair and read to my heart’s content.  And when I got home, my son ooo-ed and aaahh-ed over my pink sparkly toes.   Princess toes, he said.

The Mommy Superpower

Mar 13, 2014 by

cuddlecollage2I still remember the first time my ‘Mommy Superpower’ was revealed.  We had been parenting for a while, but based on the circumstances and the attachment issues we were battling, it took a while for my power to take hold.  The night it came, though, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

In those first few months when my son fell, or was sad, or when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would call out “Mommy!” “Mommy!”, almost as if by instinct…not really requesting *my* presence, but just someone’s. Understandable, since by this point he had had as many as 4 mommies.  But then there was this one night, with a particularly bad nightmare, when his voice rang out in a slightly different tone.  “Mommy! Come here! I need you!” he called. And when I arrived by his bed, he choked out between sobs, “Where were you?!”  Those 3 or so minutes it took me to wake up and come to him felt like an eternity because he wanted ME.  I took him into my arms and he buried his head into my chest – just like that, the tears stopped flowing and the heaving breaths fell into a calm rhythm.  The peace of a mother’s arms, his mother’s arms, washed over him.

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