Instagram Meets Reality

Oct 23, 2014 by

I’m a big fan of Instagram. I’ve always been into pictures – taking them, looking at them – and I love that Instagram makes it easy not only to capture all the little moments that make up a day, but also offers a chance to infuse a little creativity into to the monotony…fun filters and all that jazz. Listen, I sit at a computer crunching numbers and reading lawsuits all day long…a few moments for pretty pictures goes a long way! If you follow me on IG (and you should!) you’ll see my account is full of fun kid shots, gym pics, yummy food, and perhaps even a selfie or two (or three or four…). But, as Sarah recently pointed out, those little glimpses offered from our lives certainly don’t tell the whole story.  So, that’s what I’m here to do for you today.

Instagram vs. Reality


Oct 16, 2014 by

Anyone else a cover-er? Raising a child with an absent parent that you feel the need to cover for and keep up on a pedestal?

My son has been with us for almost 5 years and his memory of what came before is fading.  In many ways, this is a wonderful blessing.  He’s starting to forget the bad, the dark, and the scary.  For that, I’m so glad. But then there is the other side of it.  The side that combines with the “big feelings” of loss and questioning that often accompany adoption. The side that brings him to moments when he says “I want to go live at my old house.”

It’s hard to hear things like that.

A Prayer for My Children

Oct 9, 2014 by

Less that half of former foster youth are employed at 23, and only 3 percent have finished college (compared to 28% of the general population with a BA or higher).

The teen birth rate for girls who’ve been in foster care is more than double the rate of their peers outside the foster care system.

Foster care alumni are 7x more likely to become drug addicted and twice as likely to experience alcoholism. 

The rate of bulimia is seven times higher.

The rate of PTSD among former foster youth is five times that of the general population and, at 21.5%, exceeds the rates for American war veterans.

[stats taken from the Casey National Alumni Survey]

* * *

There is one simple prayer I pray every night, every time I kiss their heads, and on every drive to work.

Please, please, let them be 3 less.

Let Them See The Dirt

Oct 2, 2014 by

I’ve talked before about my perfectionistic tendencies and they way that they impact my parenting.  It is hard for me to strike that balance between being the best mom I can be while still allowing realness to show. Recently, I was faced with a situation in which I had no choice but to let the walls fall down and allow my rawness to see the light.  It was a big old ‘Jesus take the wheel moment’ and He answered in the form of my sweet, yet often spicy, 4-year-old.

Let me set the scene:

I’m home alone with 3 children after a long and stressful day at work (aren’t they all?). Two out of three of my children are throwing massive temper tantrums (the big one over homework, the little one about it not being time to color).  I’ve tried de-escalating, redirecting, and implementing firm but loving consequences – and yet, they still scream.  I’m now onto plopping myself on the couch and drinking straight from the bottle.

Diary of a Travelling Mommy – Notes From the Road

Sep 25, 2014 by

Day 1:  Got a full workout in BEFORE work. And it wasn’t at 5am!  No little people to dress or feed and no one to drive anywhere! I have all the time in the wooooorrrrllld! (picture me, arms spread wide, spinning in a circle a la Sound of Music). Also, didn’t have to check my clothes for smeared banana before leaving the hotel. A-mazing.


Day 2:  It’s starting to get a little quiet in this hotel room and I miss my babies.  But, I’m here for a reason so it’s time to buckle down and get some work done. If I’m going to be away from my family, you bet your ass it is going to be for a good reason and I’m coming home with a win! #letsdothisthing

Game Face

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