I’m a Good Mom #unfiltered

May 14, 2015 by

Confident mommy shouldn’t be an oxymoron.

I’m self-conscious about a lot of things.  My weight, my frequently messy house, my 401k, my complete inability to make small-talk or a good cup of coffee.  But one thing I’m not self-conscious about is my ability to be a good mom.  I’m good at this gig damnit.

And I’m willing to bet that you are too.

But why don’t all the good moms know how good they are?  One of my friends on Facebook recently made a comment along the lines of“Does any mother ever feel good enough?!”  What I wanted to reply was: “Yes! And you should too!”, but I was intimidated by the chorus of “Of course not”s and “No mother ever feels good enough for her kids”.

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What I Want My Children to Know About Bullying

Apr 30, 2015 by

One of the hardest things for me to tackle in parenting, as a self-admitted over protective mother, is bullying.  I raise my children to be kind and open people.  I teach them their letters and how to tie their shoes.  Then, I send them off to this wonderful place called school where they will be nurtured, taught amazing things, and blossom into a great person with a bright future.  But of course we know that it isn’t all sunshine and roses.  No matter how inclusive and proactive at tackling bullying your school is, I’m sorry to say that your child will encounter it in some form along the way.  Even that good-natured teasing among friends can carry a sting.  Some of the stories my children have come home with have been enough to break my heart (and get me marching straight to the principal’s office).  But children are children (I know even mine are not always innocent in these encounters) and learning to navigate rough social waters is equally as important as learning to read.

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Communicating Love in Your Child’s Language

Apr 16, 2015 by

Have you all heard of the concept of the 5 Love Languages?  Introduced in 1995 via his book of the same title, Gary Chapman suggested that people communicate love in 5 basic ways. Knowing your own love language and that of your partner helps couples express love in the most effective way. The categories are: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. If you are interested, there are about 101 quizes online to determine your love language.

I didn’t even need to take the quiz to peg my wife and I. I am a classic ‘acts of service girl’.  I’ll never forget how loved I felt when my wife woke up early on a Saturday to shovel the driveway and ensure that I could get to a hair appointment I had been really looking forward to. And my wife? Well she is 110% ‘physical touch’.  It is helpful for us to know this about the other so she doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy when I comment that seeing her wash the dishes is sexy…and I can strive for a bit more patience and understanding when she is SUFFOCATINGME.

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Bedwetting – More Common Than You Think

Apr 2, 2015 by


Image Credit (and more good info)

Because I would never be the type of mom to embarrass her kids on the internet (ha!), let’s establish at the onset of this post that all first-hand knowledge shared here has been provided by a friend. Yeah, that’s it…a friend…

So, bedwetting. Natural! Common! and A-OK! The truth is, no matter how much of a rock star mom you are (and I know you are), your kid’s ability to stay dry at night is 100% a function of biological development and readiness. If your kid was night trained at 18 months – you rock. And, if your kid wears pull-ups to bed at age 6 – you also rock! Science suggests that most bedwetting is inherited and we have even identified specific genes connected to delayed nighttime bladder control.

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Being Needed

Mar 19, 2015 by

In the hour between the kids waking up, and sending them off to school this morning, I heard the following:

“I need you to sign my field trip permission slip.”

“I need you to cut my pancakes.”

“I need you to make my cup of milk.”

“I need you to wipe my tushy.”

“I need you to tie my shoes.”

“I need you to help me with my homework.”

“I need you to help me get dressed.”

“I need you to grab eggs at the store.”

And on, and on, and on.

One time my spouse and I played a game to see how many times the 3 children would say “mommy” in a 30 minute time span.  We lost count shortly before losing our minds.

If there is one common denominator to the experience of motherhood, it is being NEEDED.

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