Trusting Children to Make Adult Decisions

Sep 11, 2014 by

About 2/3 into last school year, my son shocked us by asking to transfer to a new school. Specifically, he wanted to switch from our local district elementary school to the CREC magnet school his sisters were attending for Pre-K. We were surprised at his request because it wasn’t a response to any specific issue at the school he was attending. In fact, we all loved his school and he was well-liked and thriving there. But, when asked his reasoning for wanting to transfer, he was calm and logical: he wanted to be closer to his sisters and he wanted to attend a school with more diversity. Can’t really argue with that, can ya?

What I’ve Learned About Being Gay…

Aug 28, 2014 by

that I will teach my children about being black.


  • Never assume you are not welcome somewhere before assuming that you are. Give people an opportunity to surprise you. Give them an opportunity to surprise themselves.
  • You count. Your vote counts, your presence counts, your dollar counts. Don’t support something you don’t support. Don’t like something? Work to change it. I’ll work with you.
  • Your differences are gifts that you have been given, even on the days they feel like your curse. Differences can bring shame, fear, and danger, but also a pride that you wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to know.
  • It is not right or fair that we must educate and model our lives for others, but it is your choice to make it a burden or an honor.
  • If people hate you, it’s only because they don’t know you. Never apologize for who you are.

6 Years

Aug 20, 2014 by

This month, my beautiful wife and I celebrate 6 years of marriage (and 15 years together!).  It is blowing my mind how much life we have lived in these past 6 years and how much things have changed.


When family and friends gathered around us on that gorgeous midsummer night, they were witnessing the birth of a family.  The love, support, and celebration of that night, brought us here – to a family bursting with abundance.

These 6 years have been hard. Standing there on my wedding night, I was so naive about the struggles that would come.


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Photo Credit: E. Schreier

Okay, seriously.  If I scroll across one more parenting article on Facebook telling me what I am or am not doing right, I might scream.  Am I too engaged or not engaged enough? Are we raising a society of overly indulged children or doing psychological harm with time outs? Am I a helicopter parenting or criminally negligent if I let my kids play outside? And what exactly are the 365 things I need to teach my daughter before she’s 6 months old?!?!

Who knows the answers to these questions?? Well, the trouble is: everyone does. Everyone has an opinion, as they always have, and in this technological age, they are free to express it – widely.  The real trouble with raising “kids these days” is that we live in an era of information overload.  We are trained to believe there is an answer to everything, and if we Google long enough, we will be sure to find it.  I don’t need to know the capitals of the 50 states…I just need to know how to find the capital of a state if and when I need to.  Same goes for parenting, right?

Quick Tip: Getting Kids Excited About Summer Reading

Aug 7, 2014 by


This is about that point every summer when my kids no longer care about their “book bucks” or whatever other cutesy reading incentive the local library has provided.  When I announce that it’s reading time, they cross their eyes, bodies go limp, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some foaming at the mouth.  Sound familiar?

Particularly devastating for a book lover, I was growing frustrated that reading was a chore, rather than a cherished past-time.  I *had* to get them to love reading again. So, I started with one of their other favorite hobbies: watching movies.

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