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The Top 5 Times I Don’t Like My Family

Let’s start by level setting: I love my family more than I could ever put into words; if you’ve ever seen me with them, I’m sure you know it to be true. It’s in the way I gently rub my children’s delicious cheeks and the stolen glances my wife and I share over the tops of their heads. They are my life’s purpose, my best friends, and all the best parts of me, but sometimes, I just don’t like them (and perhaps have a desire to run far far away). Here are 5 such instances: 1) At the Grocery Store As a busy working mom...

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10 Things My Kids Have Learned from Fostering Dogs

Shortly after we closed our license as foster parents for the State of CT, we decided to try our hand at fostering pups. We connected with a local rescue organization and have now had 4 foster dogs through our home with many more to come. Did I mention we also have 3 adopted rescue dogs of our own? We like to stay on the brink of sanity busy. I’m sure there are people who would think we are crazy for taking unknown dogs into a home with 3 children, but, with the proper safeguards firmly in place, it has been a wonderful...

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Are We There Yet?

There are approximately 5 weeks left of the school year. I have 5 more weeks with a 5th, 2nd, and 1st grader. I’m not sure who is more enthusiastic in their countdown…my tween who is about to leave elementary school behind for the big leagues of middle school…or me. 5 more weeks. I say that over and over in my mind ‘Little Engine That Could’ style. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… Given the ages of my kids, this is not my first go-round with the end-of-school-year crazies, but man alive, as they...

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Top 5 Ways I’m a Better Employee as a Mom

I’ve got about 15 years into my career and those years are fairly evenly split between having children and not. It’s interesting for me to look back at the way my career has shaped up and what impact having children may have had on it.  I was recently filling out my yearly self-assessment, reflecting on my strengths and “opportunities’ (love those corporate buzz words), and I have to be honest, I’m a pretty kick-ass employee – even with 3 young kids at home.  In fact, I’m bringing so much more to the table now than I ever did pre-kids.  Perhaps you’ll see yourself in some of these attributes? Why I’m a better employee now that I’m a mom… Like all moms, I now have a post-graduate degree in multitasking and prioritizing.  Juggling a phone call, 2 spreadsheets, and prepping for a meeting in the next 10 minutes? Child’s play. I once cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 15 with one baby strapped to my back, another baby on my hip, and a toddler playing at my feet. I laugh at your spreadsheets. Ninja-like time efficiency skills.  If it took me an hour pre-kids, I can now do it in 40min. Time is money people! And by ‘money’, I mean a bathroom break and lunch that isn’t a stale protein bar. Also, yes, I may cut out 15 minutes early on Tuesdays to catch my kid’s soccer...

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