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A Day in the Life of a Working Mom – Elise

Its been a while since we’ve had a contribution to the ‘Day in the Life’ series so I decided to give it a go! 6:30 – My wife’s alarm goes off.  Actually, it probably went off a while ago but I finally hear it after a few snoozes.  She heads off to the shower while I check my email. Odd, I don’t hear the girls yet. 6:40 – Wife races upstairs to remind me that I need to put a car seat back in the SUV so she can take our son to daycare.  I curse myself and my darn procrastination.  The SUV is filled to the brim with stuff from our big adoption party last weekend so the next 15 minutes is spent cleaning it out AND installing the car seat.  Far too much exertion for a pre-coffee Elise. 6:55 – Back in the house, time to give one of our dogs her eye drops.  Have I mentioned that along with our 3 adopted children we have 3 adopted dogs?  My wife likes to joke that my next big project will be a documentary called ‘Addicted to Adoption’ but I totally googled that shit and there are plenty of people who have adopted way more than me. So there. 7:00 – I still don’t hear the girls – that’s craziness.  I take advantage by hopping in the shower....

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You Get the Kids You Are Meant to Have

Alternative title: Never lose hope. As the new gal on the block, I figured I’d give a little intro post before I delved into pressing topics such as how my children love to embarrass me on the regular and why pinterest was created simply to make me feel like a terrible, underachieving mother (amiright??).  So the basics are: my wife and I live pretty typical life with our 3 beautiful children. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the way we came to be wasn’t quite so typical… When we were in the planning stages, it was always our intent to foster (possibly to adopt, but not necessarily) and to have my wife (Andrea) conceive using donor sperm from a bank.  So three years ago we started out on both paths simultaneously. and then life happened. That first year was a nightmare.  The process to get licensed to foster was horrendously drawn out due to a number of systemic issues and at the same time, we were discovering my wife’s unexplained infertility with many unsuccessful months of trying.  It was a dark and frustrating time. After close to a year we finally got licensed to foster and received our first placements, 3 1/2 yo boy and a 6 week old girl (the story of how that match happened is a good one – I’ll have to share it with you sometime).  That same week we ramped up our efforts on trying...

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