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A Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Emily

5:30 am: First alarm. 5:35: Second alarm. 5:40: Third alarm.  My phone flashes a message I programmed: GET UP YOU ARE RUNNING LATE.  I roll over and enjoy the warmth of my three-year-old for ten more seconds.  She’s been in bed with me for a week, as little sister’s transition to their shared room hasn’t been great.  Our months-long game of musical bedrooms continues. 5:52 am: After sufficient procrastination, I jump in the shower.  I decide I’ll be super quick to make up for the lost time, but once I’m in there I never want to leave.  I slap on...

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Hair Chronicles

I was born in the early 80’s, which was a very unfortunate time to be a person with flat hair.  I wanted a perm SO BAD, and my parents’ refusal to get me one was probably one of their best parenting decisions ever.  So I went through tons of hair spray, slept regularly in foam rollers, and burnt the hell out of my hair (and myself) with a crimping iron.  My mom still says that her great failure as a mother was her inability to french braid.  I won’t exactly say this scarred me for life (maybe my therapist...

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Giving up on the old me

Last weekend, I cleaned out my closet.  I am a person who definitely revels in getting rid of things, and at the end of a purge like that one, there is usually a nice empty spot left over.  Not this time.  At 13 months postpartum, I have two wardrobes now – one for me and one for my body.  Shoved into the corners are all those clothes that I used to wear.  All my faves that are associated with fun, old-timey memories when I was cute and young and didn’t mind hand washing or dry cleaning.  Front and center...

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The day my PPD came full circle

Upstairs in my bedroom behind the always-open closet door sits one of my prized possessions.  It is an art print on canvas of a mother nursing a baby.  This thing has been through a lot – I would venture to call it “weathered.”  Over-stretched, it looks like a pair of wrinkled khakis under the glass.  There is a large water stain at the bottom that suggests it survived a flood.  Still, the print is stunning, and subject is something very near and dear to my heart. But that’s not the whole reason that this thing is so special to...

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Confession of a Working Mother: I Hate the Baby Stage

Fact: nine out of ten baby’s-first-birthday posts on social media make me roll my eyes so hard that I end up temporarily blind.  You know what I’m talking about.  All the cheesy stuff about how incredible the year has been, how thankful they are for every moment, how quickly it has all gone by, how they wish time could stand still. Gag me. Look, I get it.  I adore my kids just as any mom does, and I am definitely guilty of amping up the cheese factor on Facebook at times.  But my youngest recently turned one, and it...

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