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Confession of a Working Mother: I Hate the Baby Stage

Fact: nine out of ten baby’s-first-birthday posts on social media make me roll my eyes so hard that I end up temporarily blind.  You know what I’m talking about.  All the cheesy stuff about how incredible the year has been, how thankful they are for every moment, how quickly it has all gone by, how they wish time could stand still. Gag me. Look, I get it.  I adore my kids just as any mom does, and I am definitely guilty of amping up the cheese factor on Facebook at times.  But my youngest recently turned one, and it...

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A Mom’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, Hi!  How are you?  I am fine.  My name is Emily.  I am 34 years old.  I hope you will find our house.  It’s the pretty white one with all the screaming.  There are also several rotting pumpkins on the lawn that I kicked off the front steps in an unsuccessful attempt to hide them.  You’re a pretty busy guy, I’m sure you can understand that. I have been very good this year.  Since last Christmas, I have worked hard at being a good mom and a good wife and a good human.  I worked hard to...

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Thanksgiving with kids is brutal

I am WRECKED.  I wish I meant that in the sense of having been out drinking and being fabulous, but in reality, I’m a mom who has recently survived a major holiday with two kids.  The crazy thing is that we basically had a really lovely time!  There were ten of us at my brother’s house in upstate New York.  We all have similar taste in movies and political candidates, and we all ACTUALLY like each other.  And I was only in charge of bringing wine and a vegetable.  It should have been the least stressful Thanksgiving in history!...

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Meal prep series part 3: Embracing frozen food

Soooo last week happened.  We try to stay politically neutral here on CTWM, so all I’ll say is that I have been eating all my feelings.  Thank goodness for the stress-saving deliciousness of meal prep!  (And that. Is how. You pivot.) For the third and final installment of my meal prep series, I had originally planned on sharing general tips and tricks and answering some of the many questions I have gotten over the past few weeks.  The main concern my fellow moms seem to have is how to fit all this into a busy schedule.  I will say...

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Meal prep series part 2: The magic of mason jars

Welcome to part 2 of my meal prep series!  I have so much to say about mason jars that it’s going to take an entire post.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my discovery of mason jars has been lifestyle-changing.  They are amazing!  A few reasons why: They are inexpensive.  We got our mason jars on Amazon for about a dollar each, including lids.  That’s similar to the price of those semi-disposable thin plastic containers you can get in the grocery store.  On the other hand, we have a nice-quality 20-piece plastic set we paid around $50...

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