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Meal prep series part 3: Embracing frozen food

Soooo last week happened.  We try to stay politically neutral here on CTWM, so all I’ll say is that I have been eating all my feelings.  Thank goodness for the stress-saving deliciousness of meal prep!  (And that. Is how. You pivot.) For the third and final installment of my meal prep series, I had originally planned on sharing general tips and tricks and answering some of the many questions I have gotten over the past few weeks.  The main concern my fellow moms seem to have is how to fit all this into a busy schedule.  I will say...

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Meal prep series part 2: The magic of mason jars

Welcome to part 2 of my meal prep series!  I have so much to say about mason jars that it’s going to take an entire post.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my discovery of mason jars has been lifestyle-changing.  They are amazing!  A few reasons why: They are inexpensive.  We got our mason jars on Amazon for about a dollar each, including lids.  That’s similar to the price of those semi-disposable thin plastic containers you can get in the grocery store.  On the other hand, we have a nice-quality 20-piece plastic set we paid around $50...

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Weekly meal prep saves my sanity

I am writing a post about cooking.  That’s right – I, Emily Gonzalez, am writing a post about cooking.  Stop laughing, dry your eyes, and read this because it’s important.  I started doing weekly meal prep two months ago, and it is literally one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my family.  I have SO much to say about it that I’m going to do a little series on it. Some background: I am not a terrible cook.  When I make food, it generally tastes pretty good, but the amount of time and effort...

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Toddler underwear is bullshit

“What a cute little boy!” says an unfamiliar voice behind me in the cereal isle.  I turn to see an older woman peering into my baby carriage. “Thank you!” I beam, “She’s actually a girl.  Not that it matters.”  The woman looks confused and gestures toward the baby, who is wearing striped pajamas. “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s the green.  Well, she’s lovely!”  We part. It seems like I have interactions just like this almost every time I leave the house with my baby.  I think we all have, right?  I’m not a person who gets particularly annoyed or offended...

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Lemonade (the mom remix)

On Saturday, my husband and I made the epic parenting mistake of thinking we could do something fun and different with the kids.  Our destination was to be a BBQ at a friend’s apartment in New York.  It was one of those events that I would have attended without hesitation a few years ago.  Back then, I would have arrived in heels, had too much to drink, and hit up a couple bars before taking the last train back to CT.  Two kids later, I feel like I’ve aged 1000 years, and the thought of having to look decent, take a long car ride with my kids, and mingle with a crowd of strangers while worrying about which child is going to poop all over herself makes me want to stick blunt toddler forks in my eyeballs. But we should do something fun and different with the kids, we said.  It will be fun, we said.  You can tell where this is going. We dressed ourselves to the nines.  And by “the nines,” I mean the kids looked adorable, my husband wore cologne, and my clothes were clean.  We loaded ourselves in the car: me, my husband, my two kids, Curious George, Gorilla, Crayon, Blankie, and a play doctor’s kit syringe.  We all used the bathroom.  We all had snacks.  We hit an ATM and a gas station.  Feeling ready,...

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