Author: Felicia Hunt

An Ode to Childcare

The necessary evil, the pain in my side. ‘Having it all’ has a price, from which we can’t hide. Ever-changing schedules both for work and for the little ones, Trying not to miss a meeting, Scouts or homeruns. The cost makes me cringe and eager for the end; Even with a nanny who I trust and consider my friend. The post-sitter clean-up and variations on house rules; All aspects I will not miss and makes me ready for big time schools. My children are precious and I will not regret this time for them at home, but the childcare I will...

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I’m sure most of you would join my overwhelming relief that Spring has finally Sprung. I have been eagerly awaiting this lovely weather for a multitude of reasons, but not least of all so I can leave the sliding door open so the kids can run in and out at will. In the last two weeks of budding leaves and growing grass, I have been the recipient of many dozens of dandelions from the yard. The kitchen sink windowsill is now adorned with tissue paper flowers, construction paper hearts, and the once yellow shriveled-up dandelions. Not the classiest decor,...

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My “Must-Haves” Are All About ME.

Considering that I am always on-the-go with one or more bags, it took me a while to really nail-down the list of things I MUST HAVE on me at all times. My whirl of activity tends to revolve around my brood so I couldn’t help but smile when I realized my Must-Haves are all about me! 1) Mascara. I love wearing make-up and at the very least will spend 60 seconds doing a quick brush of mascara and brush of powder. I carry my go-pouch of make-up at all times. Some of this is basic vanity – let’s be honest...

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My Confidence at Work is from Motherhood

When I first started having children I was working full-time outside of the home. For the first few years I was struggling to find balance. I categorized my life as work and home…attorney and mother. They were separate, distinct – and I fought hard to prevent one from interfering with the other. Regret is a strong word, but looking back it really is too bad that I tried to split myself in two like that. I compartmentalized my life so that I could get it all done and stay focused on each existence and, seemingly, excel in each because my...

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Punxsutawney Phil, I Reject You.

Six more weeks of winter?! No thanks. Part of why I love being a New Englander is so that I can change my mind and mood along with the weather. I like the different experiences and memories each season brings, but with every year of motherhood I find myself more and more anxious for spring immediately after January. My husband and I invested a lot into our playscape and brand new deck; complete with the cars, bikes and toys galore. As I sit here all of those treasures just continue to collect more snow.   I do not know the scientific...

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