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My Confidence at Work is from Motherhood

When I first started having children I was working full-time outside of the home. For the first few years I was struggling to find balance. I categorized my life as work and home…attorney and mother. They were separate, distinct – and I fought hard to prevent one from interfering with the other. Regret is a strong word, but looking back it really is too bad that I tried to split myself in two like that. I compartmentalized my life so that I could get it all done and stay focused on each existence and, seemingly, excel in each because my...

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Punxsutawney Phil, I Reject You.

Six more weeks of winter?! No thanks. Part of why I love being a New Englander is so that I can change my mind and mood along with the weather. I like the different experiences and memories each season brings, but with every year of motherhood I find myself more and more anxious for spring immediately after January. My husband and I invested a lot into our playscape and brand new deck; complete with the cars, bikes and toys galore. As I sit here all of those treasures just continue to collect more snow.   I do not know the scientific...

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Confessions of a Working Mother: I’m a Fake

It’s time to confess. Although I try to be self-aware and grow with experience, it is a hard task to own up to our flaws or areas that could use improvement. In thinking about my routines and choices, it’s clear to me they are all efforts to just keep up. Upon this reflection I discovered that in the most basic categories of LIFE, I just fake it until I make it…. 1) Sleep: I don’t sleep enough. For almost a year now I have had the wonderful opportunity to work part time from home. I go into the office or court...

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Christmas with my Children: Madness vs. Magic

I’m one of those people who secretly doesn’t mind when stores start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. I LOVE Christmas. The reasons are rooted in my childhood, my Faith and are now bursting at the seams with my husband and five children. We start celebrating the day after Thanksgiving when the tree and decorations go up. Truth be told, it can be a roller coaster ride to get to Christmas in one piece when the excitement can so quickly turn to impatience. I only have 6.5 years of parenting under my belt, so I will not pretend to be...

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Being Present this Thanksgiving

Sometimes I am outright alarmed at how quickly a week passes and a new month begins. I try to appreciate the days, special occasions and activities that keep us so busy, but that doesn’t make them move any slower. This last year or two I have been transitioning in “seasons of life” – for my first year of marriage I was in my final year of law school, then upon my first anniversary I found out I was pregnant. Since then it has been year in and year out of pregnancy and babies. Now, with 5 little ones running...

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