Author: Holly Robinson

When Mommy isn’t at her best

There are times we wish we’d responded or reacted differently or done something more. There are times our energy doesn’t stand up to our planned goals as parents. But I want you to know that we’re trying and we want you do learn to be okay.

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Moving the Family Cheese

In August, I moved my family’s cheese. Now we are trying to decide if we are just craving the old cheese or if we’re really ready to be optimistic about this new cheese.

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Embracing Holiday Imperfection

This year hasn’t been super easy. We’ve struggled with change and with each other. But, we’ve been reminded that life isn’t always pretty. It can be rough and a little messy, but there are moments in there that matter far more than the mess.

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Leaning In Challenge

I am working on leaning inward and leaning into. Leaning inward to me is really working on connecting, focusing and being accountable. I am starting to work on creating a habit of leaning inward for me and into my family at home.

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The Reality of Moving

When I see pics on Facebook of a neatly packed moving truck and the tag “We’re moving! So excited for our next adventure!” I wonder if that picture is really as clean and joyful as it appears.

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