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Hitting the Reset Button

I want to start over sometimes. As a parent, I want to take the knowledge I have today and redo yesterday. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Think of all the therapy we’d save down the road, for everyone involved. I have certain things I believe in as a parent: Boundaries Consistency Meaning what I say/Saying what I mean All while staying connected with them. But, I’ve faltered a bit. I’ve focused some significant energy on one kid who had real apparent needs for structure. At the same time, I’ve let the “easier kid” creep up into the “getting away with...

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Rose, Thorn and the Unicorn

I do believe in gratitude and by reminding yourself daily of your blessings, it will benefit your well-being and resiliency. So, the goal is how to ask my kids for their “good thing” each night before bed. However, they are boys. So my attempts have been met with “eh, nothing”, “it was terrible” or even total b.s. answers like “I met John Cena today.” I kept asking, the boys just kept sighing and rolling their eyes while giving me dispassionate responses. Enter an idea from a friend, a friend who I greatly respect for her brain and her spirit....

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10 Ways Not to Lose Your Sh*t over the Holidays

Monday night, I had just climbed into bed, totally exhausted from a weekend trip that involved driving 8+ hours each way and non-stop adventure. I closed my eyes, seconds from falling asleep, when my older son yelled from his room “Oh Mommy, that Rubix cube that we couldn’t solve? I left it for the elves to do while we are sleeping! Great idea, right?!” What?!?! I told him I wasn’t sure that the Scout Elves (the Elf on the Shelf) could do that but he insisted they could. So, I stayed awake for 20 more minutes, then sneaked downstairs. I spent 10 minutes in the closet with the light on trying to solve the thing. It wasn’t a real one, it was a knock-off we bought from a rest stop somewhere in Pennsylvania. I couldn’t get the stickers off. I almost cried and smashed the stupid thing. I gave up and sent the following text to my wife, who was working until midnight: So, I put it under her pillow and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning slightly panicked and went downstairs. On the kitchen table, I found this: Done. Broken and taped back together (apparently you can’t break apart and rebuild the knock-off ones), but done. So we told the boys that the elves didn’t want them messing it up again. Later, as I was driving...

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Making America Human Again – a parent perspective

  I was thinking about how to get our kids through the aftermath of this election when I was sent this article about what we tell our children post-election. I think it’s safe to say that 50% of the population is happy about the election result and the other 50% seems not just disappointed, but actually scared of what this all means. This post is for all of you. I think it is required that we acknowledge the fears or concerns of our children, whether or not we feel they are warranted or not. How we respond to our children...

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Mind Body Soul Reunion

First of all, I owe a THANK YOU to Glennon Doyle Melton for sharing her story which led me to find a piece of my own truth. Now, on to my story: On March 1, 2016, I was lying on a gurney, IV in my arm, preparing for a brain scan and other tests to confirm that I did/did not have a small stroke. The right side of my face was numb, I had blurry vision that came and went, I had positional vertigo, I was nauseous, my neck and back of my skull were throbbing and I just felt beyond exhausted. Well, I didn’t have a stroke. Thank God! But that was the start of several months of searching for answers. For 7 months, I went through theories of my symptoms. The vertigo subsided but every day I had neck pain, throbbing headaches from the back of my head, facial numbness/tingling and I was constantly nauseous, fighting exhaustion. I felt like I had constant morning sickness. Every. single. Day. I went to the eye doc to check for eye strain. I went to the dentist for jaw clenching. I went to the GI doc for reflux attacks and nausea. I went to the neurologist for the headaches. I had a brain MRI (result = “unremarkable”), I had blood tests, hormone tests, breath tests and all kinds of other tests. My hormones were...

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