Turning it off

Sep 18, 2014 by

I find that one of the hardest things to do is to “turn it off” when walking in the front door. And by “turn it off,” I mean “get into loving mommy mode after a frustrating angst-ridden day at work.” Of course, ideally, we (meaning me) would be much better at not letting work getting to a place of angst in our head. But sometimes, it’s not that simple.

I commuted to my job for over 8 years. The commute ranged from 25 minutes to 60+ minutes depending on the job (both are above the norm in CT)

But that commute was my decompress time. I had books on tape, I had satellite radio, I turned the phone off and left work behind me. It didn’t stop or eliminate the stress of the to-do list that grew daily, but it gave me the opportunity to walk in the front door to my family without the pent up angst of the work day.

Talking to my kids about 9/11

Sep 11, 2014 by

Every year on September 11, I think about where I was on that morning (law school). I think about my friends who were there and their harrowing stories of their survival and the coworkers/friends they lost. I vividly remember trying to confirm that my father (a commercial pilot flying to DC that day) was still alive. I remember the tone of fear in my mother’s voice on the phone – from someone who never wavered – as she told me to drive away from Philly and get home.  I remember trying to reach my brother, my college roommate, sorority sisters, my former work friends. I would think about my commute to work in 1998-1999 when I took the Path train from Hoboken into the World Trade Center every day and how much I took for granted in that 2 block walk through the trade center buildings and how many people I commuted with every day could be gone.

To my boys

Sep 4, 2014 by

Photo owned by H. Robinson

Photo owned by H. Robinson

I have two very, very different little boys. But they both have some pretty strong “little boy” intricacies that make me love being a mommy to boys. Here’s why:

To my boys,

Raining on my ice bucket

Aug 28, 2014 by

When we try to improve on something, there will be people who think it’s not improved enough and people who liked it the old way. There’s no fault in that. But I’m feeling the need to speak to something that has been clawing at me: our unabashed, unapologetic need to point out the wrong in everything.  And, what are we sharing with and teaching our children in the process?

Made with quozio.com

Made with quozio.com

I participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and was excited about the attention and funding that flowed from the silliness for ALS. My mother’s best friend died of the disease and it’s a disease that there’s no cure for, is often misunderstood and gets very little press or media attention. I thought the idea was brilliant! It hit people right where their attention span is on social media and it accomplished its goal tenfold. It brought people together, made people reach out to old friends, gave us a sense of togetherness for a good cause, etc. Then, I started seeing backlash articles, comments on social media all poo-pooing the challenge. The tone was “you guys think you’re doing something good but you’re doing it all wrong.” I couldn’t fathom how raising $80 mil in 3 weeks for a devastating disease could be faced with such criticism.

Is it really time for school?

Aug 21, 2014 by

I have to be honest, I feel a little blah and indifferent about the impending start of school for the kids. I feel like I should be rejoicing about back-to-school time just like all the other moms who are just burned out from a summer’s worth of attempting-to-entertain-the-restless-masses time.

But it went by too fast. I’m not really rejoicing that summer is over. Maybe I’m in denial about back-to-school time. I feel a little like summer never happened. We didn’t go on vacation, I didn’t really spend much time by the pool and I didn’t really feel the anxiety about having to entertain the boys while school was out for summer.

But I see that my wife (who has been home with them during the daytime all summer) is quite happy to do the back-to-school dance every waking minute between now and 8 am Monday morning when BOTH of our boys get on the big yellow bus.

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