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Moving a (somewhat unwilling) family

After almost 3 years of complaining about my commute and feeling like I’m stuck between communities – unable to truly commit my energy to one or the other, we’ve decided to leave the comforts of our current area and move to a new area. This is a move within the state, 35 miles from our current home. But it may as well be 1,000 miles away in the eyes of some of my family members and friends at the moment. This whole move shouldn’t really come as a complete shock – when I took a job at Yale University...

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Family Pride

Our community is very diverse and accepting, but we are fully aware of the reality that our boys (and us) still have and will encounter in our/their lives. We are hyper aware of how our boys see every person, trying to instill that their views of every person should be as a fellow human being. And we also making sure they have the courage to stand up for themselves and others, to question and to make every effort to understand everything that is different from what they know.

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Run it by the boss

As a mom of boys, I have lost count of how many times I’ve said “what were you THINKing?” or “did you THINK before you did that?” or “what did you THINK would happen if you did/said that?” I was trying to find a creative way to get them to STOP and THINK before speaking or acting, so I recently started asking my boys, “Did you run that by the boss?” meaning, the boss in your head that makes the decisions. Of course, my 10 year comes back with “the boss don’t care!“ So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to train/help 7 and 10-year-old boys to THINK. Then, I admitted to myself that I may have some shortcomings in this department as well. In my audiobook-filled commute in the past few days, I was half-focused on the book when what I was hearing settled into my brain, rattled around a little and resulted in an epiphany. This quote came up in Emotional Agility by Susan David (which I can say is great read for everyone!): That space holds so much power. And I thought that I’d understood this space when I’d come up with the “run it by the boss” question. But something was missing. After reading Emotional Agility, I’m realizing it’s actually a 2-step process and it was the most important step (Step One) that I left out before asking...

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Where I am

Within the past few weeks, I had three key moments of self-exploration or self-doubt that made me think about where I have been, where I thought I was heading, where I am now and, finally, where I want to be. As a parent, I want to know how I can convey my expectations and disappointments to my kids so they can understand where they are and where they are going someday. And for them to understand that goals and expectations will change with time and circumstances. First, I stumbled upon a bunch of college acceptance letters from 23 years ago. I had acceptance letters from Purdue, Villanova, Tennessee, etc. Second, I had a wonderful visit with a law school friend who has been travelling the world working for international organization(s) empowering women and fighting human trafficking. To say the least, I was envious and fascinated. Third, I had a job offer two (2) weeks into a new job within my department which had me question what my career path really should be. I sat and thought about where I’d been. A quick summary of my last 40 years is this: Survived meningitis as an infant and endured physical effects from hip dysplasia and luxating patella (floating kneecaps) in both knees to be a pretty good high school athlete with opportunities for college scholarships in soccer or tennis. I got accepted...

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Hitting the Reset Button

I want to start over sometimes. As a parent, I want to take the knowledge I have today and redo yesterday. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Think of all the therapy we’d save down the road, for everyone involved. I have certain things I believe in as a parent: Boundaries Consistency Meaning what I say/Saying what I mean All while staying connected with them. But, I’ve faltered a bit. I’ve focused some significant energy on one kid who had real apparent needs for structure. At the same time, I’ve let the “easier kid” creep up into the “getting away with...

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