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Storm Prep

It’s unavoidable. Halloween Hurricane! Sandy! and… FRANKENSTORM! (Photo Credit) We are usually pretty laid back about storm prep, but we may be taking this a little more seriously. And I realize that our storm preparations are different now (with kids) than they used to be. This not only involves having things charged, fueled and accessible, but also having plenty of activities at the ready. I’m not freaking out about having bread and water, I’m freaking out about what I will do in a dark house without power and 2 boys (5 and 2) chomping at the bit. FOR DAYS! Some of the things I am trying to do: We have board games at the ready More pumpkins to decorate Warm clothes put out if we lose heat Travel DVD player charged New crayons ready to open Plenty of food Extra blankets from the attic so the boys can create tents for “pretend camping” 2 extra toys in the attic that they never opened from last Christmas (in an emergency) Anyone else have any ideas? Please share! The other thing is easing their fears. Andrew heard his friends at school saying that trees will fall on houses and cars. We walked outside today to point out that many of the trees are far away but that we will be away from windows or in the basement if it gets very...

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Moment of Zen

When I was thinking about my post for the week, I wanted to focus on discipline and dealing with the Terrible 3’s. But something happened between Thursday and Saturday that changed my life. I saw the Dalai Lama. In person.  (Photo Credit) I know that “I saw the Dalai Lama and it changed my life” may sound so cliche. But it’s so wonderfully true. My post last week focused on trying to find happiness and share that with your children. Maybe I am at a place in my life where I have realized that I am tired of getting caught up in people’s drama, anger, impatience and frustration and realize that I need to pass along more peaceful things to my children. You can’t explain it, but something happens when you are in the presence of the Dalai Lama. He is just the coolest man on the planet. He’s humble, funny and you hang on every word. Don’t get me wrong, the man doesn’t have an answer for everything. When one person asked “how can we provide motivation for these young people who don’t seem to care about their future and are apathetic about life?” He thought for a minute or two, then simply said “I don’t know!” The long and short of it is that you will not truly be happy unless you find inner peace. That inner...

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Happy Kids

I am often amazed at how much negativity that a person can encounter on a daily basis. Even other parents I know seem to just have this attitude that the world sucks, people are horrible and the future is bleak for their children. Every day, there are things that make you angry, frustrated or even envious: I wish I didn’t have to work. Paying so much on my mortgage is ridiculous. I wish I could afford to go on vacation like all my friends on Facebook. I hate that guy that just cut me off. I hate that woman who didn’t hold the door for me. The line at the bank was too long. There’s that person that annoys you. There’s that guy that seems to have such a perfect life. I hate  him. So-and-so has a boyfriend, why do I have to be single? Why can’t I have this? Why am I stuck here? I hate this weather. It’s soooo easy to be mad at everybody and everything. It’s so easy to focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have. But I’m trying to work on positivity. It’s really hard. I’ve discovered that it’s so much easier to complain than to rise above. But it’s not about me anymore. I think to make a positive impact with your life, you need to be someone...

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Things I learned as unemployed mom

For my first post back after my hiatus, I thought it was most relevant to talk about what I learned during my little time away from blogger land. First of all, we have all learned that no matter how much you plan or have strategies for running your home, trying to have children or raising your children, nothing works out as you “planned.” But we sometimes need to learn lessons on how to handle those unplanned shifts with grace, or at least just not completely losing our marbles. When Lo (my partner of 12+ years) and I decided to have children, it seemed pretty clear that we may have roles that were somewhat defined. I had “the job” and she was great at the “home stuff.” How archaic and “Leave it to Beaver,” right? After our second child, it made more financial sense to have Lo be a stay-at-home mom for a time. Day care is not for the faint of wallet in CT, and we both thought it would be great to have one of us able to share the time with the boys when they were young. It wasn’t like I was making mint at my job, but with Lo’s budgeting, we could survive this way for a period of time. Then, something happened. Something life changing. I lost my job. At first, it was a welcome...

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still a “working” mom

I have been on a blog hiatus for a little while. I don’t want to fall out of touch with the amazing women on this page, so I’m revitalizing my blogging. The writer’s block is mostly due to the fact that I’m no longer a “working” mom. Let me clarify that, I’m no longer employed out in the marketplace, but I’m working harder than I ever have before. I lost my job at the end of October. Other than wishing I was the one who pulled the plug instead of my employer, I can’t really say that I’m upset. While I am frustrated that the job search has been rather unsuccessful, and I definitely would feel more comfortable with a steady income, being able to be a full-time mom right now may just be all worth just a little bit of the stress. Instead of shying away from this blog, I think I do have an opportunity to give a unique perspective. Until recently, I was negotiating substantial deals for corporate clients, working decent hours for a mid-sized law firm. Until recently, most of the family duties like transporting kids around, shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. fell on my amazing partner, Lois. Now, the roles have quickly turned. Lo is working crazy hours and I am doing everything else. Being with the boys full-time is amazing. I’ve never been...

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