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We have two young children (under 5) but we have several older/teenage children in our lives that we are very aware of the long road ahead. Kids can be brutal to each other and I really think it’s gotten much worse than when we were in school. Parents struggle between wanting to protect their children to the ends of the earth while also needing to give them some independence and coping skills. The hardest thing for a parent is to see their child hurting. We will never be the perfect parents who have all the answers. But I believe that we can do everything we can to have an open line of communication with our children. As they get older, they may not always be honest with us and they will not tell us everything that they do, but we can always have an open door when they need us. I just came across this article on I think it’s very relevant and even if you don’t agree with everything, I think it’s important to realize that bullying happens and we won’t always be there to prevent our child from ever being a victim. There are things I want my boys to become. I want them to feel enough self worth to not let a bully always have the upper hand but enough modesty to know that they...

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I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a night away from the kids now and again. Whether it’s a nice quite dinner with the spouse, grab a movie with girlfriends (including your fellow bloggers) or just be able to run errands without 2 kids in tow, we all occasionally need a little break. This brings up the babysitting issue. When I used to babysit, which I’d like to think wasn’t that long ago, I think I made between $2 – $4 per hour. Now, babysitters in certain unnamed parts of the state expect to make $10-$15 per hour! I don’t know about everyone else but if going out to dinner is going to cost me $50 before I even have a bite to eat, we are not swinging it. The answer: babysitting swap. It’s FREE! We have friends with 3 kids in the same age range as our boys. Once a month, we try to do a babysitting swap on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night, B&S drop their boys off at our house and head out for hours of kid-free time. The next day, we drop our boys off at their house and go off gallivanting. Note: our kid-free time usually involves running errands rather than movies and nice dinners. It hasn’t been as easy lately with T-ball, bridal showers, birthday...

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the perfect mom

This is my first official blog entry for CT Working Moms! My little “advice to working moms” bit on my bio page (“Don’t try to be the perfect mom”) may be easy to say, but hard to follow. I do think we all need to accept that we are not perfect, but we all may be SuperMoms anyway. Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves credit for all that we are doing. I do think that working moms feel substantial pressure to be able to juggle all those balls in the air with complete perfection and poise. Do you ever feel like you have to not only be a superstar at work, but also a superstar mom? Or friend? Spouse? We all have friends who make their own fantastically-decorated cakes for their kids’ birthdays, have matching outfits for their perfectly groomed children, send cards out for every friend/family member/pet’s birthdays, prepare only organic food, and do all of the above while appearing completely calm, cool and stress-free. I am not that mom. I wish I could make Star Wars or Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes. I wish I remembered to respond to that birthday invitation on time. I wish I had less clutter or chaos in my life or at least felt like I had my act together a little more. I sometimes feel like the mom who barely...

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