I Let My Preschooler Use My Tablet All Day, And I Feel Zero Guilt About It (Or, Going Outside Is Overrated, So Just Let Your Kid Play More Video Games)

Aug 1, 2015 by

baby ipad

We’ve upgraded since then.

H/T to Katie for inspiring this one with a FB share!

I was out of town last weekend for my sister’s wedding. Everyone is asking me for pictures, so here’s one:

FWG wedding prep

photo by T. Drezek

Well, that’s not the actual wedding. It’s just us setting up the ceremony décor the day before. I should probably check with my various family members before plastering their up close and personal photos from the reception on the Internetz, so the real wedding pictures need to wait a bit.

My sister and her now-husband are in that stage where they are thinking more seriously about this child-raising thing, and making both inquiries and conjectures about their own ideas of what parenting involves. Here’s a quote that came out of one of those conversations over the weekend:

“She just gives her kid an iPad all the time, instead of actually parenting.”

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Deliberate Action, Deciding to Have Children, and Other Life Choices

Jul 18, 2015 by


This week, we opened a new office in Manchester.  And by we, I mean my employer, who until a year and a half ago was a solo attorney.  When I joined him at that time, he became a ‘we’.  And we are expanding.

He wanted me to update our website and compose an email announcing all of our big changes, both recent and impending.  I am still going to do that, but in the meantime, two tasks became necessary that led to my inadvertent early disclosure of these updates.

First, I had to contact someone outside the firm about adding new names and email addresses to a local professional group we belong to.  So it’s now obvious that our business is growing.

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Summer Vacation Does Not Exist for My Family.

Jul 3, 2015 by



This is the time of year that you tend to see lots of posts on parenting blogs about summer vacation, summer fun, what to do with the kids during the summer, day camps, sleep-away camps, being done with school, family trips, etc. Things are significantly different for my household, because summers look much like the rest of the year for my family’s activities. This is driven primarily by the nature of what I do for a living, and less by the dictates of the school year, even as my preschooler transitions into Kindergarten this fall.

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Three Times When It’s Actually OK for Parents to “Judge” Each Other

Jun 19, 2015 by


I sometimes worry that by adopting this new parenting philosophy of practicing non-judgment toward other moms, we are forgetting about the other, equally bad extreme:  being so hesitant to express an opinion or take a stand on something, that we lose sight of our own values, worry needlessly that any innocent comment will come off as judgmental, and overthink matters that are just plain old common sense.

The reason for the scare quotes in the title is that I don’t believe the following situations are actually times when someone is judging us.  Rather, these are times when we as moms, trying to be non-judgmental and supportive, find ourselves conflicted between doing the right thing and making someone else comfortable.

1.     When a child is doing something unsafe.

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Don’t Be a Hero: Being OK with Being Average

Jun 5, 2015 by

40s exercise book

When my depression started to lift after starting a much-needed prescription, I came to the scary realization that certain aspects of my personality and outlook on life were driven by that altered state of mind.  Or rather, those aspects were a part of who I was until I started tinkering with my neurochemistry.

One of my most popular posts on here is about how much I hate cooking – not the act of meal preparation itself as a stand-alone chore, but the fact that it ate into my time and energy and involved more focus and coordination than I felt I could reasonably muster on a daily basis.  Do I still struggle with this?  Sure, somewhat.  But one night recently, I was pulling dinner together and realized that I felt … nothing.  Not gloriously blissful, certainly, but also not frustrated, exhausted, or overwhelmed.  Just … normal?  Is this what normal feels like?  I mean, if you love cooking, you may feel blissful while making dinner.  But if you think cooking is just ok or feel otherwise neutral about it, you will treat it as just another chore.  And you won’t usually be angry or depressed over it unless your brain is wired to trigger those emotions over the event.  That must have been what was happening to me before, because suddenly I am sort of ok with making dinner.

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