The Writer, the Third Child, and Some Things Left Unfinished.

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Anime Sketch of Mackenzie and Aurelia 9-2014

My daughters, in manga form.  Copyright M. Dunn, 2014, although I get the sense that protecting my artwork should be the least of my worries.


I plagiarized a book when I was Kindergarten.

I re-drew the illustrations, inserted my own version of the narrative, and assembled the pages for my teacher to review. I was proud. I didn’t have any concept that this was wrong – and at the age of 5, why would I have had any such concept? No one expects a Kindergarten student to be able to compose a short story, let alone understand integrity in authorship as well as copyright issues.

Parenting and Integrity

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This is a 15-minute video I shot a while back, intending to use it for a post someday.  Video is tough for me.  I’m a much better writer than I am a speaker.  But on nights like these, it is great to be able to post a video and take a break from writing, as much as I love to write.



In this video, you will hear me blather on about:

— Integrity!

— The role of emotion, versus logic, in most of the decisions we make;

— How two people on opposite ends of an ideological or political spectrum can end up in the same place on an issue;

— How successful women and successful men are viewed differently.

The reference to the GQ magazine cover is from over the summer, August, I think.  So don’t go looking for it on the newsstands right now.

More Thoughts of a Helicopter Mom on the Dangers of Free-Ranging It

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A little while ago, I did a post on the free-range versus helicopter parent issue, and my realization, four years into this parenting thing, that I tend a bit toward the latter side.  One of the big issues for me was processing why I feel this way, while also emphasizing that I don’t necessarily have a problem with free-rangers:  I think it’s really just that people like me have a hard time knowing what’s safe and what’s not, or what the relative risks are.  I still hover over my preschooler and toddler, and I know they are too little to play outside without some modicum of adult supervision.  But in two years, when they’re 6 and 4?  How about when they’re 8 and 6?

Sleep Training … for Mom

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Life seems to swing wildly between exuberant and hellish for me, with what I’ll refer to as “dead periods” occurring from time to time.  The swings mark my transition from a flow state (in the zone, usually helping a client with something and feeling like I’m winning at the same time) to ground zero (feeling like I got hit by a truck – physically or mentally – and wanting nothing more than to lie in bed all day and watch cat videos on my phone).  The dead periods sometimes occur in between – they’re like meh on top of blah.  And even worse, if I am going through a dead period and am conscious of it, I get into this hopeless place where I feel like I’m going to be stuck in it forever.  Eventually I do pull out of it, but it’s usually because I’m distracted by something shiny (it’s dinner time!  a new client just called!  I’m going to Target!), not because I’m making a conscious effort to pull myself up and out of the abyss.

I’m not a Free-Range Mom, but it’s ok if you are. I think? Landing the Helicopter and surveying the scene.

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It’s a nematode? Just keep reading, it’ll make sense later. (image via wikimedia commons)


I think a lot of the judgment issues among parents (and from non-parents toward parents) arises from a fear of the unknown.  This article by famous free-ranger Lenore Skenazy came up on my Facebook newsfeed, and nestled beneath the share I found a host of sympathetic comments.  I read the comments before I read the article.  I wanted to post my comment at that point, but I didn’t want to be one of those Facebook commenters who comment without reading the article in question, so I read the article.  Then I posted my comment.

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