Oh yes, you will be judged. Here’s how to handle it.

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If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that CTWM is a judgment-free zone, much like a certain fitness chain you may be familiar with. We preach from the gospel of “thou shalt not judge thy fellow mama” around these parts, and we try to practice what we preach. And blog about it.


Does this look non-judgmental?  How about now?         [image credit: Microsoft Images]


However, what we don’t often talk about is the other side of the coin: what do you do when, inevitably, despite all your best efforts to practice non-judgment, in hopes that other moms afford you the same courtesy, someone makes a catty comment about your parenting? Because oh yes, mama, someone out there is going to judge you at one point or another. And that sucks, for those of us quite earnestly taking the high road with our vows of non-judginess. But does one judgment warrant another in return? I think not.

Dead at Forty

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I was so sick of everything the other day, that I just told myself that I would end my life upon reaching 40 years old, if I did not use the roughly four and a half years between now and then to get my life in order. That was it – things were either going to change, or I’d just be dead.

It was kind of funny, but kind of not really funny at all. Actually, after the thought went through my head, I felt my stomach turn and my breathing grow shallow. In my mind, I was making this extreme statement as a way to motivate me to lead a healthier, more productive, and more meaningful life. But my body knew better than my mind what was really going on; what should have been an inspiring moment was really just the most awful feeling. I tried to laugh it off as something too stupid for me to actually follow through on, but in reality, I was afraid that I meant it. And that I wouldn’t meet the terms of my bargain with myself, and that unfortunately I would end up pulling the trigger on the whole deal—literally.

Awesome Working Mom Tip: Be a Hub for Your Community

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Are you a mom who works in a profession that requires you to be a rainmaker, expand your company’s network and influence, or develop a reputation as an industry leader?  Better yet, are you an entrepreneur of some kind?  If so, there is a powerful way to leverage your role as a parent in your career development:  become a hub in your community, the centralized force with which others continually seek to connect.

Thoughts of a mom of young kids watching her niece graduate from high school.

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Last night I attended my niece Sabrina’s high school graduation. Being a mom of two girls aged 2 and 4, it’s not often I get to blog about a direct experience in teenager-related milestones, so I thought this would be a fun opportunity for me.

I think the last high school graduation I attended was that of Sabrina’s older brother, Shaun, four years ago. And just like last time, I was 45 minutes late. That’s ok, because I arrived just in time to hear the faculty speaker, who was interesting and funny. And then they got right into the awarding of diplomas, all 300 something of them.

Five for Friday: Top Five Misconceptions About Women Who Have Homebirths

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My second “baby” turned two years old the other day. At this point in my parenting adventures, as I get further away from the last time I gave birth, I’m getting fewer questions about my homebirth experiences. But every so often, the topic does come up. I recently had bloodwork done, which I absolutely hate doing because I will fall on the floor as soon as I stand up from the chair. In fact, I’m getting sick right now just thinking about it. Ugh.

So like a big baby, I now ask to be reclined every time I have blood taken from me, and then I lie there for a minute until the queasiness has passed and I can stand up and walk out of the lab. It never stops being embarrassing, but at least the phlebotomists deal with people like me all the time and don’t seem to have a problem with it.

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