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I Ate My Placenta (and Other Stories My Husband Doesn’t Want Me to Tell You).

So by now, if you haven’t noticed by my discussions on homebirth and breastfeeding, I am sort of into natural family living/attachment parenting (i.e., fancy names for hippie stuff having to do with kids), and all of the “weird” things that go along with it.  Well, not all.  We haven’t tried Elimination Communication yet.  Maybe with the next kid. But this is really a hidden gem that I believe deserves more attention, for the benefit of countless women who experience the effects – ranging from somewhat annoying to outright devastating – of postpartum depression. Eat your placenta! Well, actually, don’t literally eat it, because that’s kind of gross. During my pregnancy, I stumbled upon some online discussions about the benefits of the mother ingesting the placenta after birth to help fight postpartum depression.  I asked my midwife about this, and she mentioned the name of a CT doula, Stacie Mandeville of Inner Wisdom Birth Services, who is certified in placenta encapsulation. I contacted Stacie and made arrangements for her to come to my house after the birth and do whatever it is she needs to do in my kitchen to dry my placenta and put it in capsule form for me to take like a daily vitamin.  I forget the cost now but I think it was around $150.  It was great – she brought her own equipment, prepared...

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Arguing with Your Real-Life Friends over Things Like Breastfeeding Is Much Worse than Having Online Debates with Strangers.

Someone needs to talk about this issue, and it looks like it’s going to be me.  Women get really, really sensitive over all things pregnancy and parenting related.  That’s not hyperbole.  It’s just true.  Yes, this is a sex/gender stereotype.  But sometimes stereotypes exist because they have a kernel of truth to them.  I have not met a single woman who went through pregnancy, childbirth and the early days of parenting, including myself, who didn’t get her panties all in a bunch over some issue that, at the end of the day, is truly insignificant in the greater scheme of things.  However, in the heat of the moment, when you’ve given in to that internet troll who says that daycare causes violence in children, or overhear some comment by a stranger at a party about how breastfeeding in public is just so gross, nothing is more important than turning red in the face and letting loose a mouthful of just how wrong that person totally is.  And it never feels good, either.  It just feels awful, and you realize that you were reacting to the possibility–however remote–that maybe, just maybe, YOU are the one who is wrong.  Either that or you are confident that you’re right, but simply can’t understand how everyone around you can be so stupid.  Don’t tell me that you’re open-minded and non-judgmental.  Because then you’d...

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Homebirth in CT, Part I

Yesterday I was asked if I would attend a meeting with the new Commissioner of Public Health to discuss the legal status of homebirth in Connecticut. Well, sort of.  I have no idea if the Commissioner has any idea that a few homebirth supporters will be stopping by to pay her a visit.  Not yet, anyway. To make a long story short, I’m in the process of relaunching a CT nonprofit called United Families for Midwifery Care.  UFMC was organized to protect and support both women who want homebirths and the midwives who want to attend homebirths. I got a call yesterday from Ms. M., who is a lawyer (like me) and the head of a nonprofit (also like me), and who happens to play both of these roles at the same time due to her current employment (so not like me, being a management-side labor attorney in a conservative firm).  Ms. M. is interested in representing a group like UFMC in requesting that the Department of Public Health push for legislation to license Certified Professional Midwives in CT.  The CPM is a certification granted by a private professional organization, and is not currently recognized by the State of CT.  By “not currently recognized,” I mean not illegal, but not expressly legal either.  Just alegal, if you will. Ms. M. is very excited about this.  She wants me to...

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