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How Game of Thrones Saved My Marriage

It’s my turn! She got more than me! That’s not FAIR! These phrases are pretty commonplace in any household with children. But they can also sometimes rattle around in my own brain. It’s no secret to me (and my husband) that when I am not at my best I sometimes tend to keep score. As I clean up from dinner, I stalk around passive aggressively while my husband works on the computer. I imagine him pretending to work while actually surfing Facebook. It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s just that I might do that myself if given the chance. I think there can be ups and downs in any relationship. When it comes down to it, our marriage is solid. But sometimes you lose that connection, if even just for a week or so. It’s very hard to explain, but I think we can both just feel it. You’re each going your own way, consumed by work or even a good book. A week goes by where we’re not going to bed at the same time. We take turns being out for late meetings. I have book club. He goes to the gym. Like ships passing in the night. When we are together, we’re busy with the business of living, working and running a household. I’m making lunches and he’s bathing the kids. I’m cleaning up from...

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Slacker Parent Milestones

I’ve got a message for parents of babies, toddlers and even preschoolers: It gets better. My kids are 3 and a half and 6 and we have turned an amazing corner. They can do so many things for themselves allowing me to reach my full slacker parent potential. I can now relax in the backyard, converse uninterrupted with friends and houseguests and even take a little snooze without anyone needing much help or attention. So for those new parents out there who are wondering when they will be able to relax a little, here’s a list of the parenting...

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Thank You Could Never Be Enough

My husband and I spent the first two years of parenthood over a thousand miles away from everyone and everything we grew up with. We were on our own during those years and I think it’s given us a real appreciation of how much help we have today. After my dad retired, my parents starting coming up north for a month or so during my mom’s summer teaching vacation. Now that my mom has retired, we have my parents just a short walk across the street for over half the year. They help with drop offs, pickups, groceries, cooking,...

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The (non) Napping House

It’s summer and I’m all about flexing the schedule, but 10:30 p.m. bedtimes just do not fly in my house. My three and a half year old has been steadily creeping her “fall asleep time” later and later. We put her in bed close to 8 p.m. or so, but lately she’s been coming back out, having to pee, needing one more hug, one more kiss, one more snuggle, having a bad dream and on and on until 10 p.m. or after. Finally, she’d fall asleep. Problem was there was no time left for me time. Or for US time. And don’t get me started on nap times. That girl does not want to take a nap. There’s just nothing like a three year old (whose eyes are crossing because she’s so tired) crying and telling you she’s not tired. Then she’d fall asleep for two hours. So we felt like she still needed the nap. So here was the schedule – she’d wake up around 5:30 a.m. on her own, take a one to two hour nap, then not be able to fall asleep until 10 p.m. This just was not working for us. We’re a family of four and since our other child doesn’t nap anymore, naps kind of slow us down. I know that’s not always a bad thing. So we decided a few days ago to...

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This is What the Truth Looks Like: My Daughter Went Cross Eyed at Three

In less than two months, my daughter’s eyes went from totally normally to being crossed more often than not. I still can’t believe how quickly it happened. One night at bedtime, as I lay cuddling her in the darkness, something made me turn on the light and look into her eyes. She didn’t seem to have control of them. Something wasn’t right. I was the only adult in the house and I worried she was having a stroke or something. She was acting normal and her eyes went back to normal pretty quickly. It was two weeks until the...

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