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Organizing a Disorganized Life – Home Edition

As one of my best friends and fellow CTWM bloggers described the scene in her basement, my eyes widened with the possibilities. While she dreaded going through bags of hand me down clothes, I got excited thinking about sorting, washing and folding all of the clothes, placing them in labeled, stackable bins. While she seemed overwhelmed thinking about going through old things, I pictured myself guiding her to decide if her old books brought her joy and helping her let go and pass them on. I love to organize things. I love donating or throwing things away. Jenna seemed...

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Kindness Elves

Have you seen all these adorable photos of elves swimming in mugs of mini-marshmallows or making snow angels on the counter in flour? Have you felt the pressure to bring a little elf home to your kids? Has that voice in your head that tells you aren’t creative enough or don’t have enough energy at the end of the evening to set up an elaborate scene dissuaded you? Or maybe you’re afraid those darn elves will ask you to solve a rubix cube! (Holly’s post had me laughing out loud!) I really wanted to jump on the Elf on...

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Organizing a Disorganized Life – Planner Edition

I’ve always been a pretty organized adult. My late twenties were probably the height of my organizational skills. I had a paper planner with each dinner, vacation, social event and (frequent) gym visit highlighted. As I turned thirty and my first child was born things started heading downhill, if only slightly. I returned to work at only 30 hours a week and maintained that schedule (plus furlough days) through my younger child’s infancy. I struggled like any new mom, but the reduced hours of my not super demanding job helped keep me on track for the most part. Fast...

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The Micromanager Mom

Every night and every morning I find myself standing over my children and barking orders. Brush your teeth. Now go potty. Now get your clothes on. Let’s go. We’re late. Shoes on. Backpacks on. Meet me at the door. NOW! And one day last week, I realized something terrible: I am the boss everyone hates, I am the Micromanager Mom. Some quick googling confirms my suspicions. The micromanager is an active being – someone who has a hard time sitting back and letting the things get done. One theory says micromanagers believe workers need constant prodding in order to get things done because humans are basically lazy and unmotivated. It all makes sense now. Substitute in “parenting” for “managing” and it’s pretty clear that I’m not on a good path. Microparenting creates a constant lack of autonomy or decision-making ability. Microparenting is about control, and while having an element of control as a parent is essential, using it as a permanent parenting strategy is bound to fail. So how do I get away from this microparenting and still have the kids complete the things I need them to complete by the time I need them done? Good question! Maybe I should take advantage of my working mom status and ask for some managerial training at the office. Until then, I think am going to take a stab at it...

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How Game of Thrones Saved My Marriage

It’s my turn! She got more than me! That’s not FAIR! These phrases are pretty commonplace in any household with children. But they can also sometimes rattle around in my own brain. It’s no secret to me (and my husband) that when I am not at my best I sometimes tend to keep score. As I clean up from dinner, I stalk around passive aggressively while my husband works on the computer. I imagine him pretending to work while actually surfing Facebook. It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s just that I might do that myself if given the chance. I think there can be ups and downs in any relationship. When it comes down to it, our marriage is solid. But sometimes you lose that connection, if even just for a week or so. It’s very hard to explain, but I think we can both just feel it. You’re each going your own way, consumed by work or even a good book. A week goes by where we’re not going to bed at the same time. We take turns being out for late meetings. I have book club. He goes to the gym. Like ships passing in the night. When we are together, we’re busy with the business of living, working and running a household. I’m making lunches and he’s bathing the kids. I’m cleaning up from...

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