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Amazon fail

Now, I am not a fashionable gal.  I do not often shop (for me).  But when I do, I veer toward classic and well-made.  My big fear is that I will buy something trendy and continue to wear it, oblivious to the fact that a particular look has long since fallen out of style. My mother was never a girly-girl.  A tomboy growing up, later, she was – or saw herself – overweight, never particularly comfortable in her own skin.  While she did not like shopping for herself, she did find joy taking me shopping, no matter the state...

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#WhyWeTellTheStory – and a special giveaway

About 25 years ago, three girlfriends and I bought tickets to see Once on this Island on Broadway. We were ill prepared for the ways the one-act musical moved and inspired us.  Based on the novel, My Love, My Love; or, The Peasant Girl by Rosa Guy, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty created a timeless masterpiece. This was a magical island love story in tumultuous times.  Dark skinned peasant girl met privileged light-skinned boy.  Girl and boy fell in love.  Girl sacrificed herself to allow boy to live. Girl’s sacrifice and the power of her love ultimately broke down the...

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Mother of the Year

Sometimes, it feels like I have got this balance thing.  Our children are now 6 and 9 years old. We have hit a sweet spot – they no longer need us to fill every minute of their day.  They can amuse themselves, sometimes alone in their rooms, but often together, playing a board game, building a fort, having a Pokemon battle, pitching a whiffle ball.  We can get some housework or food prep done.  On occasion, we can even relax. The children are bright and energetic and thriving. I would see friends and family with toddlers and babies, diapers...

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The Best of Hartford

A few months back, Hartford Magazine ran a Readers’ Poll, inviting readers to vote for their favorite people, places and businesses in the Greater Hartford area.  The survey was quite a commitment.  It included more than 300 categories.  When the votes were tallied, CT Working Moms was the 2nd runner up for best blogger!  What a great honor, which only came about because of our amazing readers. Hartford Magazine then threw a big party for its winners, runner ups, and anyone in the community who wanted to celebrate.  It was a great excuse for me to dress up and...

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The Other 10 Years

Three years in a nursing home is endless. At first, she talked of going home. She knew me and my brothers. She enjoyed my children. She paced the corridors. Later, she stopped recalling names but still recognized my face. Then, her speech declined.

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