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Our February Pilgrimage

Four years ago, I somehow stumbled on an annual event held at the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester, Connecticut.  Apparently, the museum is the home of the “official Connecticut state groundhog” (who knew?) and every year, she or he makes a prediction about the end of the Winter season.  The public is invited to attend the special occasion.

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Love and Dementia

The staff found it really endearing to see them together.  They would sit next to each other at meals and otherwise.  They would hold hands.  There were smooches.  Her face would light up when she saw him, even though she could not recognize his name when I mentioned it.  He would beam when he saw her.  Her waning speech did not phase him.  She was happy.

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The Dance Dilemma

Right from the start, my girl loved to groove.  Perhaps it was the wonderful Music Together classes, which she attended first in utero as her brother made music, and then in the flesh very shortly after her arrival.  Our family has an epic brief video of my daughter at 18 months, clad only in a diaper, giving it all she had to Call Me Maybe. So I probably should not have been surprised when she begged to go to dance class at three years old.  This, however, was totally out of my comfort zone.  But I recognized that this was...

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Amazon fail

Now, I am not a fashionable gal.  I do not often shop (for me).  But when I do, I veer toward classic and well-made.  My big fear is that I will buy something trendy and continue to wear it, oblivious to the fact that a particular look has long since fallen out of style. My mother was never a girly-girl.  A tomboy growing up, later, she was – or saw herself – overweight, never particularly comfortable in her own skin.  While she did not like shopping for herself, she did find joy taking me shopping, no matter the state...

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