Author: Jessica Hendrickson

Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

The children shall be with the Wife on Mother’s Day and the Husband on Father’s Day. I never thought an official document would dictate how I spent Mother’s Day. Truthfully, I never thought any of the events over the past year would be my reality.  But, here I am.  A single mother of two boys.  About to spend the day as my Divorce Agreement states.   I won’t ever say being a single mom is easy, or that you “get used to it” but I will say I have learned to appreciate aspects of my life like I never...

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What’s the Best Thing That Happened to You Today?

1987 6:07 pm, the family dinner table…   I tried to shrink down in my chair at the dinner table until I disappeared underneath.  I knew what was coming.   “So, Kelli, what’s the best thing that happened to you today?”   My friend looked at me, eyebrows raised, then back at my dad and shrugged, “I dunno.”   I was literally going to die of embarrassment.  Didn’t he know that not all families do this dumb thing?   My dad turned to me, “What about you Jessie?  What’s the best thing that happened to you today?”    ...

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Let’s Love More and Judge Less. Here’s How.

It’s a great logo, right? It’s nice to sit in front of our oversized monitors or look at our bedazzled smart phones with a giant Starbucks coffee in our manicured hands and smile and nod and agree, “Yes.  That’s lovely.  Let’s love more and judge less.  Let’s do that.”   But how do we actually do it?   How do we actively love more and judge less?   There are a million answers to that question.  I think it starts with empathy and the recognition that we are all in this together.  You guys, life is tough.  No matter...

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Breathe Through the Pain

I got two tattoos this past weekend.  Because, you know, I’m cool like that.* One of them was on my ribcage, which, according to some, is a painful location to get tattooed.  When the needle hit the thin skin over my ribs, it took my breath away.  The artist stopped and looked up, “you ok?”   “Yes. I’m fine.  Just keep going.  Don’t stop.”   He looked quizzically at me, shrugged, and went back to it.  I put my head back and breathed deeply.   In.   Out.   Inhale.   Exhale.   Every time he paused to see...

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Be Close.

If you are one of the few people that regularly read my posts (Hi Mom!) you may have noticed I haven’t written anything in a while.  I’ve started a million times, yet all I could do was come up with was a bunch of complaints.  Complaints about the difficulties of co-parenting, the first holiday season post-divorce, the (non)sleeping habits of both my kids, the fact that I’ve been spending most of my free time on my couch stress eating and not running, my seasonal affective disorder in full swing, you name it.  But every time I started to write...

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