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Feminist Mom Frustrated: I Actually Don’t Want You to Yell at Me From Your Car

I’ve written about street harassment and sexual harassment before for this site. I hate it and I think it is indicative of a culture fraught with sexism and misogyny. Whoo, that felt good. Well, it happened again this past weekend, while out running in West Hartford and on my way into the New Haven train station. In both instances, I wasn’t with my kids, in fact, any time I’ve been harassed on the street my children have not been with me. It’s not as if I want my children to be there when the harassment takes place, thank god...

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Rocks and Seashells

This past weekend our family went to “the Cape” for the first time. Full disclosure, both my husband and I have run through Cape Cod during a Ragnar Relay, but neither of us have stayed there or truly gotten to enjoy it’s beauty and atmosphere. And, this time we went as a family. The weather wasn’t too great, overcast and cool, but that didn’t stop us and we had a ball. At the ages of 7 and 4, my kids are non-stop action. On an average weekend day they take a half hour morning break to play make believe and a half hour afternoon break to watch a show. Other than that, they’re ready to go and our days are usually action packed. On Saturday, I got up early to get a little me time in and took a morning run to the beach. When I returned, breakfast was in full swing followed by a bike ride on the rail trail, trip to the farmers market, epoch game of mini golf, lunch, fun at the beach, (tv show), an adventure walk, dinner, and ice cream. One could say it was a full day. But it was also a happy day and one we won’t soon forget. My favorite part of the day was spent on the at the beach when we took a nice long walk along the harbor. After braving...

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Underwear in Public: Not a Nightmare, Just Summer.

It’s that time again…time for bathing suits! Last weekend, during our family’s first trip to the town pool for the season my husband turned to me to commiserate. For the first time in our nearly 13 years together he acknowledged how weird it must be for women to walk around in bathing suits, which amounts to little more than being naked. Agreed. 100%. I was beyond pleasantly surprised that he came to that realization. It brought me a strange sense of satisfaction that he recognized how bizarre it is for women, of all shapes and sizes, to get almost...

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Caught Up in Me

About a month ago, the job I loved was taken away. In case you haven’t heard, the state budget isn’t looking so hot and in an effort to “streamline” government, my agency was consolidated with two others. The result being that a 43 year old feminist agency was eliminated and my professional future unclear. And, unfortunately, I didn’t handle it so well. By all appearances I handled it just fine- mature, professional, understanding. But at home, with the people who love me most, and with friends whom I entrust in, I was a hot mess. I was selfish, angry, and expressed unusually large sums of self pity. What would happen to me, where would I go, I’ve worked so hard, why is this happening? I started to read my horoscope every day…a clear sign for me that I’ve lost my shit. Not knowing what came next and the uncertainty of my professional future became unbearable and I lost sight of what was right in front of me. I forgot to be grateful for all that I do have. I didn’t stop to recognize how very fortunate I am. And I most certainly didn’t believe that it would all work out as its supposed to (thus the reading of the horoscope). Now, on the other side of the chaos, it has all worked itself out. I am home with my...

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Camp Form Hell

I absolutely hate filling out forms for my children, especially when they’re redundant. And, as any parent who has put their child into camp, or has registered their child for kindergarten, or enrolled their child in before/after care knows, you get a million and one forms, all slightly different, but many asking for the exact same information. Why? It’s maddening. Last year, I completely failed on the summer camp forms. At the time of enrollment I was given the forms, but got so frustrated and overwhelmed that I put them aside. Then, work got so busy and all of a sudden it was a few weeks before camp and I was left scrambling to get the medical forms in so my son could start camp on day one. I quickly learned that the pediatrician’s office does not like you coming in last minute looking for forms, but they agreed to do me a favor just that once. This year, in an attempt not to repeat last year’s huge mom faux pas or piss off the admin at my pediatrician, I made a reminder in my phone to get the forms done. All of the camp forms are online this year, seemingly making it easier. But, this year I have two children in camp and there are so many forms that I gave up working on them after an hour....

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