Becoming a mom has made me think about my own mortality.

Jan 23, 2012 by

How is it having a baby changes so much in your life?

Since my little man was born I have had this weird feeling of “what if something goes wrong and I die” A FEAR of leaving him alone!  Okay I know he wouldn’t technically be alone but the fear is real nonetheless.  It seems morbid but I can not seem to shake it.   I have even begun to think about writing a will and thinking about who I would want to guide over his life if his Dad and I were to both leave this earth.

Sometimes it grips me when I am driving home from work or when I am sitting rocking him to sleep.  

– Will he know how much I utterly Love him!

– Will he grow to be a Good, Strong, Honest, Respectful, Loving man?

I’m no Longer a Milk factory – we’ve weaned!

Jan 13, 2012 by

We have finally Weaned! ~ My little man has just turned 17 months and we have been slowing down and cutting back for the past few months.  I thought we would stop at a year but it worked for us so I kept going.  But when your little one can point and demand “Mulk” and say boobie well yeah it felt like we were approaching the end – plus lets face it he has 14 teeth now including 4 of those are molars.  So we had already widdled down to nursing only in the morning and before bed and two weeks before Christmas I cut out the morning feeding.  I think losing that morning nursing session was harder on me then him – my poor breasts were sore at work and so fill by the time the evening feeding rolled around, but my body adjusted and I was planning for the next hurdle, cutting out the night feeding. 

What if CHRISTMAS meant something more!

Dec 21, 2011 by

This Christmas will be my sons 2nd – but really the first he is somewhat aware of, since he was only four months last year and now at 16 months he is a bit more aware of what is going on around him.  This Christmas for me is especially fun to watch his little eyes light up with the “lights” and decorations he sees, and to try to enjoy his first realization of what a present is.  I am also thankful he is not yet at that stage of “I want – I want” (insert toy, video game, etc) 

Baby DNA and Newborn blood screening – their sample lives on!

Nov 18, 2011 by

“…[M]ost parents are completely stunned when they find out that their child’s blood is being held by the State. They have no recollection and they think it’s unlawful.

Newborn screening is the most widely performed type of genetic testing in the United States today. . . . Most states, including Connecticut and New York, do not require parental consent. . . .”

The GOVT has my DNA!

Other Mommas Understand!

Nov 11, 2011 by

Okay so I couldn’t resist the cute little sign that made me smile! 

 I smile because I am now privy to the inside truth - it happens!

Many a momma can attest to this little ummmm secret? Sometimes a laugh or a sneeze makes you pee, “I peed my pants” – granted ,Thankfully for me, it’s just been a little drop but none the less it has been happening since I gave birth.   I know-  I know the kegels – but to be honest I feel wierd doing the Kegels – and then truthfully it makes me have to pee more while doing them.  So- am I doomed to holding in sneezes or belly laughs?    No I read – That kegels may keep you in a constant circle of repair then fail, keeping you always having to do them sort of thing to increase your Pelvic Floor Muscles… I read you can get better results from doing deep squats a few times a day to increase your glute muscles that help support your PF muscles.   So I am in – I am going to give that a try and heck if it doesnt work at least it may help my glutes!!!  :)

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