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We had no idea when we transitioned to the new daycare that not only would we find all of that but that we would find an extension of our family in the teachers and directors of the early learning center. 

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Expectations Are A Tricky Thing

So you know when people build things up so your expectations become huge and then you actually do/visit/see what was built up and it falls REALLY short of expectations? Yeah, well I’m not sure if that’s what happened in this situation or if there were other things at play – or if as I always say, it is what it is.

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Panic is setting in.

I’m on the edge folks. Next week Gavin will go on his first ever field trip. The panic doesn’t stem from this just being his first field trip – although that’s a part of it. It’s that this will be his first experience without us. And no – I do not suffer from fear of missing out (I’ve already been where he’s going! 😉 ) I don’t recall being THIS anxious when Bailey went on her first field trip, or when Spencer started going to daycare on his own. I knew that if there was a problem or that if they needed something they were able to TELL someone they needed help. Logically I know that his aide knows him well enough that if he is eye pointing or cranky she can figure it out by reading his body language. But emotionally, I’m not ready. Colin made a good point the other day when we were discussing this. It’s like the first time parent. When the first child comes along, parents are SUPER overprotective – doing everything “by the book”. By the time kid #2 comes along, the kid could eat piles of dirt and the “eh, he’ll be fine” mentality comes out.  Even though, technically Gavin is kid #2, his CP changes things. It does make me a little more overprotective of him – especially in situations that...

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Birth Plans Really Aren’t Plans

Our first pregnancy came almost exactly a year after having a miscarriage. We were so excited when we got past the first trimester and could start sharing the news. Course that’s also when I started planning and prepping, everything from room color and decor to types of diapers (we loved those from The Honest Company–you can see their great products here), first foods, etc. The big stuff – what I later came to realize wasn’t really so big – was discussed later: the “birth plan” and nursing vs. formula. After numerous discussions, my husband and I decided that after...

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