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The workout I’m loving to hate

But nothing feels better than that post-workout “sore, never walking/picking anything up again” feeling. The amount of stress released alone makes every minute of torture worth it. However, those aren’t the only reasons I workout.

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2018 Is Already Looking Brighter

Whatever 2018 brings (which I am sure will be more ups and downs – although hopefully more ups), nothing will be able to come close to the moment three weeks from now when Gavin gets his voice.

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“Me Time” is Mandatory.

We are heading into one of the busiest and most stressful times of year, adding to the everyday stress of life.  My advice (to parents and non-parents) is to make time (even just 15mins) for you. You’ll find you can enjoy the holidays and the people around you a lot more if you’ve taken the time to take care of you (I know, I know – I will too, I promise).

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A Child’s First Word

You always wonder what your child’s first word is going to be. Mom’s always hoping that “mama” is first, dad’s always hoping “dada” is first – and don’t get me started on the extended relatives! But when your child is non-verbal, the reality is you’ll take anything they can muster to say on any level. 

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Closing The Loop

We had no idea when we transitioned to the new daycare that not only would we find all of that but that we would find an extension of our family in the teachers and directors of the early learning center. 

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