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Why I’m Killing My On-Line Persona aka The Courage to Live

It all started this winter when I started unsubscribing from email lists. I didn’t plan it, it just felt right. It became a bit addicting ~ with every email I’d receive I’d go to the bottom of the page and joyfully click “unsubscribe.”  It felt similar to the physical purging I engaged in when decluttering and clearing out my house ~ just getting rid of all the stuff that didn’t FEEL GOOD anymore. Then two months ago I stopped visiting Facebook and unsubscribed from all their notifications. This was also around the time that I decided to recommit myself to making my husband my leading man again. Coincidence? Probably not. It wasn’t a conscious decision to “pay more attention to my husband than the internet,” but that’s certainly what ended up happening. The past few months have been a natural, organic process of getting rid of all the outside distractions so I can pay attention to what’s right in front of me. My sole focus has been my family and upleveling our relationships and home-life. And it’s been really, really good. Hubby and I are enjoying a new sense of partnership and intimacy, we have more energy for our boys and we’re doing new, fun, and different things for them. We are more patient. There’s more harmony.  To sum it up: I’ve simply been more present. More present with my...

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Grocery Store Confessions

So, I’m not always confident about this parenting thing, but one thing I am confident about is my decision to not teach my kids to fear food.   That means I don’t differentiate to my kids what foods are “good” or “bad” or “healthy” and “unhealthy.” One of my catch-phrases is “Any food eaten with joy is the best food for you.” I know I’m practically all by myself in this category and that’s okay. I’m following my heart, for better or worse. My first confession is that though I believe in this approach for my family whole-heartedly, it’s not the most natural stance for me to take. Having had an eating disorder for years in my teens, and then becoming a personal trainer and nutritional consultant in my adult years, I was the Queen of Food Judgment. I had a Masters Degree in “Health and Wellness,” and a PhD in Food Fear. I not only strictly regimented what I ate, I did it professionally for other people too. So yeah, my parenting approach with food now = bat-shit-crazy revolutionary. It’s not easy being a revolutionary in this complex world of food judgment. I still have a (much weaker but still present) little food judge sitting on my shoulder as I choose food for my kids, and that little bitch likes to make her appearance known when I’m grocery shopping. And...

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The Courage to Consider a Cesarean

When people first hear that I had an unassisted home-birth (three of them, actually) they always say things like “Wow, that was really brave,” or “That must have taken a lot of courage.” I can see their point, as doing something so outside the norm of our culturally accepted practices can seem very scary. But to me, having unassisted home-birth wasn’t brave or courageous, it was just something I HAD to do. It wasn’t a choice…because when I really thought about all the other alternative ways of giving birth nothing else fit into my heart or made my soul sing. Unassisted home-birth was my only option and bravery had nothing to do with (stubbornness or pig-headedness perhaps, if you ask my husband, but not bravery). My act of courage around birth actually came toward the end of my third pregnancy. I’d already had two successful unassisted home-births that were beautiful peak experiences and I’d planned on having the third in the same way. Until week 38 that is. One evening after a full day at the beach with my boys I came home to the sudden onset of a migraine. There was a moment when the pain just radiated from my neck to my head and I remember standing there gripping the sink wondering what the hell was going on. When the pain didn’t go away after an hour...

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What Happened to My Leading Man?

So, here’s the thing. When I met my husband 17 years ago he very quickly became my leading man. We both had these BIG energies ~ we were both determined, ambitious, and both could do whatever we put our minds to. In one of my very first love notes to him I wrote “I think we could be a very formidable team.” We were both superstars in our work environments and then when we went into business for ourselves it only took 6 months for us to become very successful.  We even had a popular radio show for three years. And we were both so entirely devoted to each other, as well. So, so deeply and sweetly in love. We would go to bed together, rise in the morning together, we did EVERYTHING together. We even read each other’s minds and finish each other’s sentences. When friends and co-workers would complain about their husbands, I had nothing to contribute. Our relationship was perfect. And then….can you guess what happened? Bingo! We had KIDS! Oh, it’s so cliche, so stereo-typical. I’m even embarrassed to be amongst the women who relegate their husbands to the back-burner when the first baby is born. But that’s what I did. And with much aplomb. I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t planned. And it was even one of the things I SWORE I would never...

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An Uninterested Mother

I’m not the typical Mother. Well, maybe I am and I just don’t know it. Maybe others feel this way and just don’t talk about it. The thing is… I’m uninterested. And I don’t mean I’m uninterested in my children themselves, I’m simply uninterested in parenting the way society tells me I’m supposed to.  If I parented the way that our culture tells us to, I’d be engaged in soul-sucking struggles all freakin’ day long and I’d be ignoring my own inner wisdom. I think one of the reasons my children chose me as a Mother is because they knew I would be open to raising them differently. Am I a better Mother than everyone else because I parent differently? Ha! Absolutely not. Every child choses their parents for specific reasons (including parenting styles) and we’re all doing exactly what we should be doing (believe it or not some souls choose to incarnate into difficult home situations because it sets the stage for them becoming who they are meant to be…but that’s a whole ‘nother post). So what are the things I’m uninterested in? * Potty training. Three kids and 10 years in, I’ve never done it. Not interested. I figure when my kid is ready he’ll let me know. I’ll occasionally ask when changing a diaper if my boy might want to try going in the toilet, and...

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