Traditions…and Two Generations of Cake

Jan 15, 2015 by


When my brother and I were growing up, one set of our grandparents did not speak English.  Straight off the boat *literally* from Italy, my mom’s parents, Nonni and Pop Pop, spoke not a word of English, which made it pretty hard to understand them.  The language barrier we had growing up was frustrating at times, for both them and us, but we always seemed to manage to get back on the same page for everything.  But there was one language we all spoke- and were quite fluent in- CAKE.  Rich, buttery, box mix cake.


The BEST Christmas Ever

Jan 8, 2015 by

christmas pic

OK.  SO maybe that’s exaggerating juuuuuust a little.  How about “The BEST Christmas in 4 Years.”  Yep.  That’s exactly how it went down at our house this year.  I was so afraid that if I said anything I’d jinx it.  So all Christmas- from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Eve- I didn’t even breathe a word of how Merry our Christmas was going.  Sure we had tantrums and tears and whines and OMG spoilage on every level, but for the first time in four years, our Christmas finally ROCKED again.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane here- 4 years ago I was very pregnant with Jake.  Super pregnant.  Couldn’t eat my weight in Christmas cookies, no matter how much I wanted to.  Couldn’t drink wine on Christmas Eve, and forget the morning mimosas on New Year’s Eve.  Couldn’t even ask for my favorite types of Christmas presents- CLOTHES! Because who wants MATERNITY CLOTHES on Christmas.  Ehhh, no one. EVER.

New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

Dec 18, 2014 by

You know that old saying, Reach for the Moon, you may land on a Star?  Well, I will not be doing any of that for my New Year’s “Resolutions” this year.  Yep.  Shootin’ for ye old MEDIOCRATY this year.  I’m talking about good old normalcy and maintenance.  No new goals or high hopes for me- just keepin’ it simple, and keepin’ it real in 2015.  I’m not building myself up to let myself down, I’m taking stock, and looking at what works in my life, and I’m going to work at keeping things working.  More of the whole, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Follow me for a minute here-

1.) On weight loss.  I work my butt off on the regular to keep myself looking like myself.  After I had my second child, I dropped down to pre-wedding weight, circa 2005.  Pre-wedding weight? I’ll take it.  And I’ll embrace it, and run with it.  No dropping the lbs over here this year- I’m just happy with working to maintain what I have!  Yes! MAINTAIN!

3 Generations of Cookie Love

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imageWhen I find a Christmas cookie recipe that meets race reviews, I hold onto it forever. I’ll bake it again and again, and share it with anyone who asks. This is one of those recipes.

As the story goes, my Grandmother, who was living in Brookfield, Connecticut at the time, was given this recipe from her next door neighbor. The confection, Slovak  Squares, is a light and buttery Hungarian shortbread, with a thin layer of strawberry jam spread in the middle. I remember asking my mother why we made a Hungarian cookie when we are Italian. She said, the cookie is just that good, we can’t not make it every year!  So, when one of my favorite CT Working Moms, Melissa, alerted me to a cookie contest the Hartford Courand was sponsoring, I HAD to bake these. While I did not win the contest, I was named a Top 20 Finalist, and had my recipe featured on their website. Hope your family enjoys these as much as mine!!

A Week in Review

Nov 20, 2014 by


Ever have one of those OMG I can’t even think because if I do, my head will explode weeks?  Yeah… it’s been one of those over here in Mom Central.  All good things, lots of fun and happy woo woos, and all, but WOAH.  And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  Let’s just think about that for one hot minute.


Here’s a little recap-  Me and my TV bestie, Carly, made a cameo on NBC Connecticut and showcased our crafts.  There was lots of Modge Podge.  We may have gotten a contact high between the Modge and the hot studio lights.  That’s cool, that’s cool.  There was some glitter involved.

I was strolling through Target- I swear I just went in to buy paper plates and squeeze fruit- which I did- and came out with these gems.  What? Too soon?



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