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What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

**Photo Courtesy of Janelle Melnyk Photography** The write up in my high school year book featured a quote from one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs.  “I don’t know, don’t really care, let there be songs to fill the air…..” -Ripple.   As is I sit here typing up my last *gasp* CT Working Moms blog posts, I can’t help but think that, yeah, damn, what a long strange trip it’s been.  Old habits die hard, I know, I know… I began my trip with CT Working Moms after the birth of my son, Jake, who will be FIVE YEARS OLD next week.  *gasp again* This also means it has been five years that I have been on this wild blogger ride.  Five Years!! There’s a lot of history in those years, and a hell of a lot of fun and friendships that have been made and cherished.  If you don’t mind indulging me for a little bit, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite CT Working Moms memories. That time I learned a life lesson at the tattoo parlor… This post even made the Huff Post! Tattoos- the gift that keep on giving, and unlike a pair of diamond earrings, you don’t have to worry about this milestone gift getting lost. Proving that after running the MOM gauntlet every morning, you can survive the morning rush and still...

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A Very Merry Un-Birthday

A very merry un-birthday to me!  To who?  To me!  Oh, you?  A very merry un-birthday to US!  This Alice in Wonderland scene was played out  at our house over the Christmas holiday.  Now before you get all, “Um WHUT?  You’re having an un-birthday party for your kids? Like three days after the biggest gift-giving extravaganza of the year??” Um Yup.  You are totally picking up what I’m putting down right now. Here’s how it all went down… My brother, who I love more than any of the handbags on my bag rack, who used to go Abercrombie & Fitch shopping with me in high school on a weekly basis, and now lives in Florida, only comes back up to Connecticut twice a year- once during the summer, and once for Christmas.  So, whenever he’s here, his nephew and niece, the loving Jake & Livvy, simply cannot get enough of his silly self.  Uncle Tony brings nothing but joy to this home when he comes.  Well, no, wait- he brings more than just joy.  He brings glow bracelets, silly string, crayons, and toys.  Lots and lots of toys. Uncle Tony is your quintessential super hero Uncle who when the mere mention of his name is said,  shrieks of happiness from his adoring fans (Jake & Livvy), erupt in loud bursts. So now that you know all about Uncle Tony, you can...

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Heart Strides- Running For Love, With Love

  In this, this holiday season brimming with parties, cookie swaps, and your 17th trip to Target just this week alone, it’s nice to be able to simply pause, and reflect on Love.  The love shared by a mother for her child.  The love shared by a mother with running, walking, daydreaming, and hoping.  I’d like to introduce you to one dynamic Mother, and a cause she championed and has, quite literally, run with. Heart Strides, a non-profit organization paring Mothers up with a not often thought of necessity- running shoes, was dreamt up by Denise Dollar, of Boulder, Colorado.  Denise, a mother of two, came up with the idea behind Heart Strides when a moment of inspiration hit as she was at home washing dishes.  While struggling with the recent and heart wrenching news of her son being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes—and later recognized as being on the autism spectrum—she did as many other mothers of children with special needs do: She went into survival mode.  Every waking moment became an opportunity to focus her attention on getting her son the help he needed and helping her family unit continue to work, and, like most mothers do in similar situations, let her own self care take a back seat. So she started running, and for years looked for ways to connect with other moms who were going...

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This is My Hometown

06037 Love for the 06037 brought my husband and I back to our hometown when we started our family.  After spending our college years and a few there after, in Boston, we migrated back to Connecticut for law school, and found ourselves in my grandparent’s old house in Bristol a few months before graduation.  We knew it would be a temporary situation, a few years, and one kid later, we knew exactly where we wanted this family of ours to end up-  BERLIN.  OUR hometown.  As luck would have it, we closed on our forever home the first week of the New Year, in January, 2013.  Damn good timing, too, considering the day we got the keys to our new home, I discovered our family of 3 would be increasing by two feet- Yep.  Pregnant.  And about that timing?  We were moving out of a two bedroom ranch house that we were very quickly outgrowing, and into a three bedroom with plenty of room to grow. **Photo Credit- Janelle Melnyk Photography** So here we are, a family of four, living three minutes away from my parents, our favorite pizza restaurant, and in a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood. In high school, we ragged on Berlin.  It was too small.  It wasn’t cool.  The one coffee shop everyone gravitated to closed its doors the first weekend I went away to college.  I was...

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Showering= This Week’s Parenting WIN

Oh, Scary Mommy.  There you go again, just tellin’ it like it is with your witty, and absolutely BRILLIANT e-card finds.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the powers that be for the creation of the internet and for flipping hilarious moms out there who give us these wise and wonderful gems on the daily.  Had it not been for the Sh*tty Moms posting this to their Instagram account, I would have been relegated to hanging my head in shame this week. Can we talk about my Monday morning for just a minute?  We can? Great. Thanks.  I’ll make you feel that much better about YOUR Monday morning after you hear about MY Monday morning.  Here’s how it went down: -little bit of background- Jake had a field trip lined up for Monday.  The annual visit to the Pumpkin Patch- probably his most favorite event in his preschool career.  But here’s the catch- he had to be at school and ready to board the bus at 8:00 on the DOT.  We have been arriving at school any time between 8:00 and 8:20, with the 8:00 being on the end of performing miracles and in the category of on a wing and a prayer.  So going into this, I KNEW Monday morning would be tough, but doable.  The night before I laid out both of the kids’ outfits, and lunch...

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