Second Time Around

Nov 13, 2014 by

I’m a mom to a 2 ½ year old and if we have more children, I can honestly tell you I will do things differently. I’ve learned such much in the past two years and I when she was a baby, it was me that was freaking out about the smallest things. Next time around, I will be more flexible and less willing to not freak out as much.

Here is my list, what have you done differently with your second? Any first time moms out there who if they have a second, would change your “mom habits?”

– Let them cry and not freak out when they do. Anytime M cried, I would run to her and console her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in letting your baby cry for an hour, but she can fuss through her emotions for a few minutes, it won’t hurt her.

Busy Week for Mom

Nov 7, 2014 by

I’m beat this week. Not sure if its the time change or the fact that my husband was away at a conference, but nonetheless, this momma needs a nap!

Thinking about the post I wrote last year on this topic, I wanted to share again these tips and some new, that have helped me relax and unwind.

What I found helpful though, was that each night I would take a nice long hot shower and would drink some of my calming tea.  I’ve noticed that if I don’t relax and unwind before bed that I do not have a good nights rest. While my body may be tired, my mind is still going and racing.

Do you ever find it hard to relax and fall asleep? If so, below are some ways in which you can increase your relaxation.

Productive Day with a Toddler

Oct 31, 2014 by

Do you ever have one of those days that are super productive and you feel like you are super mom?! Well, today was that day for me. By 12:00 p.m. we went to a chiropractor appointment, two grocery stores, visited my MIL at work, got gas, when to playground and even the Christmas Tree Shop. It felt so good and M was a trooper. She plugged through it all and only had about 3 temper tantrums!

We came home, had lunch, unloaded 40 bags of groceries and fell asleep at 3:00 p.m. while watching Frozen in my bed. Yes, I said it, “my bed,” what do you think she actually takes naps now in her crib – I wish!

Nonetheless, I know many moms can agree with me that when we have a productive day, even if its once a month, it feels as if we had a whole weekend to ourselves to get things done around the house. Back when we didn’t have kids, I complained about how hard it was to do house projects on time.

Breaking the Rules

Oct 24, 2014 by

When I first became a mother there was no question that I “stayed on schedule.” In a mom’s world, that means we keep consistent with naps, locations for naps and feedings. No questions about it, we stay on a schedule. For many months, even well into the first year of our daughter’s life, I followed a schedule and routine; and by no means did I ever let her sleep in our bed.

Well moms, times have changed and two and a half years into this whole mom gig, I break the rules when it comes to sleeping. There I said it, I break the rules and I don’t care!

Getting Organized: A Family Affair

Oct 10, 2014 by

I am an organized person, I like a house to be neat, clean and put together. I can’t stand toys lying around or food in the sink. It just irritates me to no end. Don’t even ask me how I feel when I come home to a bed unmade. My husband thinks I am a little OCD and my response is, “Well you have a clean house don’t you?”

But, like many parents, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a house clean. After a long day at work and coming home to cook, who really feels like organizing a closet? Well, this weekend I took the challenge of starting to enlist my husband and toddler to pick up the pace and pick up a broom!.

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