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Letting Go of the “Perfect Pregnancy”

With just 10 days left until Baby M arrives, I’ve been reflecting the past few weeks on this pregnancy and how it has changed me. Between the feelings of excitement, nervousness and sadness (this will be our last), I sit back during those nights where I can’t sleep and think about the journey of pregnancy. I remember being just a few weeks pregnant and feeling great. I was going for long walks on the weekends and working out at the gym. However, that all quickly changed when I began to experience morning sickness. Just a month or two after that, I began to have a rapid, pounding heart rate, followed by high cortisol levels, gestational diabetes and a breeched baby. Towards the end of my second trimester walking became difficult, with a good amount of pressure coupled with dizziness. I remember thinking, “what happened to the perfect pregnancy I had planned for?” I quickly realized that there is no such thing as the perfect pregnancy, because pregnancy is the one time in your life where you really can’t control how you are feeling and doing. Letting go of the “perfect pregnancy” was an emotional journey for me, but one I am so happy I went through. This pregnancy has taught me patience, tolerance and to just let things go that are out of my control. Regarding the diabetes, I...

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The “Temporary” Me

At 7 months pregnant, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see myself getting energy back, mobility improving and overall just feeling better. This pregnancy has kicked my butt. I went from having a very active social life and fitness routine to becoming a couch patio in a matter of a few weeks. This is how pregnancy has changed me this time around: I went from an active social life to one that’s only active while sitting on the couch navigating social media. I went from working out three times a week at the gym to barely walking twenty minutes a day. I went from eating ice cream and whatever I wanted to watching what I ate so I don’t raise my sugar levels and gain too much weight. I went from staying up at night to dropping my head on my dinner plate. I went from not crying often to crying like a toddler. I went from sleeping on my stomach to sleeping up like an old person in a recliner. I went from hanging out with family and friends on the weekends (this one stings the most) to staying home on weekends. I went from cooking wonderful meals to cooking rubber chicken with rice and frozen peas. I went from having some patience to having absolutely no patience. I went from...

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Preparing a Toddler for a New Baby

Preparing a toddler for the arrival of a new baby is a strategy in itself. It takes research, patience, determination and most importantly communication with your toddler to try and figure out. For the past six months I’ve spent a great deal of time communicating with our daughter about the upcoming change in our lives. I feel it’s extremely important to talk about the baby’s arrival at the beginning of your pregnancy. It is important for them to know what is going on and see how you are feeling. Some parents may disagree with me, they may say, “Why tell her  your pregnant right away and why make her see when you are not feeling well?”. My answer – I’m not saying tell her the day you take a pregnancy test (yet I did though) or have her see you sick in the morning. Rather, I am saying that it’s important to expose them as early as possible to the pregnancy. This in turn, exposes them to their future reality. It will allow them to better cope with the change and process the new family dynamic. With that being said, I’ve spent months educating and exposing my daughter to the changes ahead. I’ve developed a list of what has worked for us and that I believe will help your toddler become more aware of the changes ahead. Do you want a...

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Growing a Family

Our family of three is growing by one! Baby Muszynski is due May 7, 2016! We are thrilled, excited, a little scared, but most importantly happy that we made the decision to have another. I didn’t know if this post would ever come to fruition and thought maybe I would be writing one day about “deciding to have an only child.” Deep down inside, I always knew I wanted to have another, but the decision to get there took a while. It’s a sensitive subject to talk about and I feel the need to share that there is nothing wrong with not knowing if you want to have another. I feel that people put pressure on moms that “you should have the feeling or desire to have another.” Well, that isn’t always the case. For a whole variety of reasons, some families may just want to have one child and there is nothing wrong with that. For us, this was the earliest we would have another. Between buying and selling a house, spending a year renovating a new house and processing a scary delivery I had with my daughter, this was the soonest. There is no question that the hardest decision of my life was whether to have another child. I thought about it long and hard, for many months and didn’t want to commit until both my husband and...

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Amazingly Easy Holiday Dessert Recipes

Being in love with holiday baking makes it so easy for me to try new desserts. Whether it be a new version of chocolate cookies or a frozen mousse cake, I am in love with trying new recipes. My That being said, I thought what better time than now to share you with some amazing easy treats. Blackberry Cheesecake Brownies Gluten Free Banana Peanut butter muffins White Cake with Cranberry Filling and Orange Buttercream Red Velvet Marble Bundt Cake Chocolate Roulade Oatmeal Cookies What are some of your...

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