Author: Mary Grace Peak

When Thinking in Advance, Sometimes You Miss the Moment

I have found that some of the skills I’ve developed in my career, I use as a mother. In my past life, I worked in scheduling and advance for a U.S. Senate campaign.  I helped organize a statewide bus tour The New York Times said was “run with military precision and precise planning.” I cut that article out and framed it. But I digress. Doing “advance” on a campaign involves a million things, but the most important is arriving at an event before the candidate to make sure everything is in order and goes smoothly. If something bad happens, it’s your fault. It’s this mindset I find tough to break as a mother. Whenever I walk into a new location, I quickly scan the room for the following: A. Where is the bathroom located? B. What are potential hazards? C. What are some entertaining distractions for Mia (and myself)? D. Where can I sit/stand so I can quickly flee the room when these distractions wear-off and Mia starts yelling? We were recently invited to a gathering at the beach. I felt myself hesitate, my brain spinning with questions like: A. How long will we be in the sun? B. When will we be eating? C. What will we be eating and will it be ok for Mia to eat it? D. How long will we be expected to stay and...

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Undercover Mother

I’ve done it on an airplane, in the car, at the beach, during a conference call. Even in Church. I’ve done it just about everywhere and I’m pretty darn good about being discreet…Yep, I am a breastfeeding mother who will do just about anything to ensure my child gets the nutrition she needs when she needs it. My daughter Mia is almost 16 months old and if someone told me before I had my baby that I’d still be breastfeeding, I wouldn’t believe them. I still can’t believe I’ve gone this long. It hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it has been one of the most challenging things  I’ve done in my life. But it is also the most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my life. Here’s what’s so great about nursing: it’s free, so healthy for baby because Mother’s Milk has all your antibodies so baby gets sick less often, aids in brain development, and is with you everywhere you go. Many times I feel like a dairy cow or human pacifier. But I also feel strong and confident for what I can provide to my child. I was fortunate to have 8 months at home with my daughter before I went back to work as a lobbyist. I am even more fortunate to be working for the lobbyist who helped pass our state’s breastfeeding law that...

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